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Klaffi Honda Road Race Team - TT Sidecar Race A - June 7th 2006

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    Klaus Klaffenböck and Christian Parzer were third fastest in Sidecar practices. The setting of their new LCR sidecar for the TT was done. Everything was perfect. The Austrian sidecar aces did a 20:31.60 lap time in practice - their fastest lap time ever. Just before the first Sidecar Race on Monday they received a new starting number. After their crash Molyneux/Hallam could not take part in the race. So Nick Crowe/Darren Hope got starting number 1, Klaffenböck/Parzer 2.

    Weather conditions were nearly perfect on race day. Only some mist in the mountains caused one hour delay of the start. Finally at 14.15 the race was started. Crowe/Darren had been the first to be out on the road. 10 seconds later it was Klaffi's and Parzer's turn. They passed Glen Helen,Ballaugh Gridge and Ramsey Harpin. From which they were soon on their way back to Douglas. Klaffi opened the throttle and the Alpha Boilers Klaffi sidecar was third fastest at the Grand Stand Finish at Douglas. A podium seemed to become more and more realistic. But then there was some misfire. Klaffi and Christian had to slow down, finished 9th in lap two and had to enter the pits. The chance for a podium and a result was gone.

    Klaus Klaffenböck: " In the beginning I had the feeling it was a perfect lap. I could always see Nick Crowe and Darren Hope in front of me. But with the misfire it was better to retire. I'm very disappointed but now we have to sort out what was the reason for the misfiring. Second race is on Wednesday and this means a second chance to achieve a good result."

    TT Isle of Man Sidecar Rennen A;

  1. 1. Crowe/Hope (Honda) 1 00 27.15 (112.342 mph)
  2. 2. Norbury / Parnell (Yamaha) 1 01 14.26 (110.902 mph)
  3. 3. Holden / Winkle (Honda) 1 01 56.71 (109.635)