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World Indoor Trials Championship Sheffield, England - January 8th 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin began his 2006 competitive campaign with a disappointing showing at the opening round of the World indoor series held at Sheffield arena late last night. Having recently signed another contract with the Repsol Montesa HRC team, which will see the multi World remain with the Spanish factory for the next two years, Lampkin had hoped to open his 2006 account with a strong result in front of his home fans.

    "Whilst I am obviously very disappointed with my result, I am not devastated as I felt that I was riding well apart from the mistake I made on the end of the second hazard. The crash I had at the end of the white box section unfortunately damaged the bike, which I was unaware of at the time. Although I cleaned the next section I knew there was something wrong, but didn't have time to check it properly. This proved to be a big mistake as the oil that was leaking from the cracked crankcase cover ended up on my back tyre and caused me to five the logs without even really getting into the hazard."

    "The biggest disappointment for me is not making it through to the final for all my fans, as they don't get to see me ride in Britain very often, for this I can only apologise, but I am sure that they appreciate that I was giving 110% as usual. However from watching the other riders tonight it is clear that the level is going to be very high this season, and that we still have work to do if we are going to challenge for the victory at the other rounds."

    With Lampkin out of the final, and unable to increase his incredible tally of eight wins from eleven starts at Sheffield, it was left to Beta mounted, Spanish teenage sensation Antonio Bou to bring the British fans to their feet. Bou was the best qualifier in the heat, but trailed Raga throughout the final, especially when Raga and Fajardo adopted team tactics during the head to head race. However it was Antonio who had the last laugh when he stole the victory from Raga by winning the tie break race off after the reigning indoor champion failed in the last section to leave the leading duo on ten marks apiece.

  1. Attendance: 8000.
  2. Results:


  3. 1: Bou - 10
  4. 2: Raga - 11
  5. 3: Fajardo - 16
  6. Heat


  7. 1: Antonio Bou (SPA-Beta) - 6
  8. 2: Adam Raga (SPA-Gas Gas) - 7
  9. 3: Jeroni Fajardo (SPA-Gas Gas) - 12
  10. Non Qualifiers:

  11. 4: Albert Cabestany (SPA-Sherco) - 12 (slower time)
  12. 5: Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa-HRC) - 16
  13. 6: Dougie Lampkin (GBR-Montesa-HRC) - 17
  14. 7: James Dabill (GBR-Beta) - 36
  15. 8: Shaun Morris (GBR-Gas Gas) - 40
  16. Current championship standings:

  17. 1: Bou - 10
  18. 2: Raga - 8
  19. 3: Fajardo - 6
  20. 4: Cabestany - 5
  21. 5: Fujinami - 4
  22. 6: Lampkin - 3
  23. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 13/01/06 Friday - Marseille, France - Rnd 2 World Indoor Chp.