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Manufacturers Thick On "A" Pillars - February 8th 2006

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    The Motorcycle Action Group is delighted that the Department of Transport has finally recognised that the thickness of many modern cars' "A" pillars poses a safety issue.

    MAG has argued this point for years and resisted efforts to make bikers wear fluorescent clothing and burn headlights in daytime. MAG has long considered the conspicuity of the rider to be a "red herring" which distracts attention from the real causes of accidents.

    The great missing factor in the whole SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn't See You) debate is the possibility that the rider is not in the field of vision of the motorist who pulls out.

    The solution to this problem lies largely with motorists taking more care and moving their heads to eliminate blind spots but also with manufacturers whose concern for car occupants has jeopardised the safety of more vulnerable road users.

    MAG are campaigning for the regulations to be amended to take account of this problem.

    MAG was heavily involved in the drafting of The Government's Motorcycling Strategy which highlights the DfTs commitment to research on "A" pillar accidents.

    MAG Director of Public Affairs Trevor Baird said, "MAG is delighted to find that a view we have long advanced is being taken seriously, we shall continue to campaign for changes to regulations to save riders' lives."