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World Outdoor Trials Championship Mortagua, Portugal - April 9th 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin recorded his second third place in a row when he stepped on to the lower tier of the podium at the Portuguese Grand Prix held in Mortagua earlier today. Lampkin suffered from similar mistakes to those that cost him in Spain, as he again took two fives in a section with a big step to put him out of contention in terms of taking the victory.

    Lampkin's teammate Fujinami took the win ahead of Raga, at an event that was deemed to be 'far to easy' by all the top riders. Dougie started well with three cleans in the first three sections before opting to take a safety dab in the fourth hazard knowing that a failure could spell disaster at this low scoring trial. All was going to plan until he added five to his total in section eight.

    Dougie fought back well from this set back to remain feet up in all but the last section where he was to record the first of his two failures at this indoor type hazard. The second lap was a similar story, with the rain falling Lampkin was at his best losing just a single dab as he again arrived at section fifteen, blotting his scorecard once again with a most unwanted maximum.

    "It is very frustrating to destroy your day in the way that I have done again today. It is pretty much like Spain with two fives on a section where there is a big step, although it was a totally different type of step today. However the result was the same, ten marks in a trial where the winning score is in single figures."

    "The trial has been the same for everyone, but it was hardly World championship status, I think all the riders in the top five agree on this point. Overall I am happy with the way that I am riding, but when the trial is this easy there is nowhere where you can pull back marks if you make mistakes like I have done."

    "The good news is that despite two not so good rides I have still managed to pull off a couple of reasonable results. And with two different winners and a mixture of other results for other riders I am still very much in the hunt for the championship."

    Championship current standings:

  1. 1: Raga - 34
  2. 2: Bou - 33
  3. 3: Fujinami - 30
  4. 4: Lampkin - 30
  5. 5: Cabestany - 23
  6. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 23/04/06 Sunday - Pobladura Regueras (León) -Rnd 2 Spanish Outdoor Chp.