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Accord reached between PepsiCo and the Italian team - Gatorade take to the track with Ducati Corse - February 10th 2006

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    Helmet, leathers and gloves, fatigue and stress: the Gatorade Sports Science Institute to investigate correct rider hydration by means of the sweat test.

    Ducati Corse has chosen Gatorade to be its official sports drink. PepsiCo Beverages Italia has announced that an accord has been reached linking the Italian team to the sports drink until the end of 2007.

    Gatorade will take to the track with the red Italian machines in the MotoGP and World Superbike Championships, supporting the riders during the races, helping them to re-hydrate in a correct way and to maintain concentration and energy at the required levels. In addition Gatorade will be available for the mechanics in the pit garages and all the guests in the team hospitality areas at circuits around the world. The company's world-famous logo will be visible on the water-bottles used by the factory riders, on the starting-grid and at the finish of the races.

    "We are really satisfied with this partnership, which will also be associated with a series of important initiatives" declared Dario Bassetti, Marketing Director of PepsiCo Italia. "We wanted to tie our name with Ducati because with Gatorade it shares essence and values, such as the taste for competition and a desire to always exceed its own limits".

    "I believe that the decision of a company of the calibre of PepsiCo to invest in motorcycling, in a year that offers numerous other prestigious sporting events, is an important sign for our entire sector" declared Alessandro Cicognani, Ducati Corse Marketing Director. "The decision to do so together with Ducati makes us very proud and we are sure that Gatorade will provide us with the energy required for a season at the very top!"

    Gatorade will make available for riders and medical staff the experience of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), the international body specialized in sports nutrition and hydration. The accord also envisages that the Ducati riders will take part in the GSSI sweat test, which identifies the ideal hydration level of each individual sportsman, thus helping to improve performance. By means of this test, the GSSI aims to accumulate important information on the specific requirements of bike racers.

    "Motorbike racing is a sport that requires the utmost concentration and energy. It also requires non-stop work to obtain successful results. For this reason we believe that Gatorade, thanks to its special formula, will be an important ally for the riders, helping to guarantee their re-hydration and to combat the onset of tiredness" explained Nicola Sponsiello, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute's spokesperson for Italy.