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Repsol Honda Pays Tribute To Its 2005 World Champions - February 10th 2006

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    Marc Coma, Dani Pedrosa and Laia Sanz received a warm welcome from the Repsol YPF workers at the company headquarters in Madrid with the start of the 2006 season just around the corner, already immersed in the preseason, Repsol riders Marc Coma -2005 Raid World Champion-, Dani Pedrosa -2005 250cc World Champion, and Laia Sanz -Women's Trial World Champion-, received yesterday afternoon a warm and affectionate homage by the staff of the oil company in its headquarters located at the Paseo de la Castellana, the main central avenue of the Spanish capital, Madrid.

    Repsol YPF General Director of Communication, Mr. Jaume Giró, highlighted the different qualities of each of them, which he thinks - transferred to the corporate level - are the qualities of all workers making up the Spanish multinational company. He highlighted Marc Coma's sense of direction and ability to navigate in the desert, an aspect he considers one of the best worldwide. As regards Laia Sanz, Mr. Giró highlighted her balance, allowing her to be the best in her sport and even to compete against the best of the world. And finally the Repsol YPF General Director of Communication highlighted the perseverance of Dani Pedrosa in his job, having already achieved three world titles thanks to his total devotion.

    In addition to these three riders, all those attending welcomed with a warm ovation Nani Roma for his recent podium finish in the car class - third - at the Dakar Rally; Jordi Arcarons, key element of the successful results achieved by Nani and Coma in the motorbike class of the Dakar Rally; Alberto Puig, cornerstone for Dani Pedrosa in the Motorcycle World Championship, and Angel Nieto, a motorcycling legend who achieved several world championship titles together with Repsol.