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World Indoor Trials Championship Belfast, Ireland - February 11th 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin reconfirmed his position as the World's best ever trials rider, when he bounced back in Belfast last night following the huge disappointment he suffered in Barcelona just five days ago. Looking far more like the champion that he duly is, Lampkin silenced even his strongest critics by taking second place at the Irish event.

    Lampkin's performance was simply awesome as he equalled the best ever result achieved by a four stroke machine at a World indoor event, by matching the finish he recorded in Marseille, France just over a year ago. Whilst unable to really challenge eventual winner Raga, the smile on Dougie's face as he climbed onto the podium was more than enough to describe the sheer scale of the feat he had achieved tonight.

    "I think I made it clear last week that I was not going to make excuses for what happened in Barcelona, there was only one place to point the blame at and that was at me. It was good to have a few days back at home in the Isle of Man this week to rest and to assess my position, and I can definitely say I arrived here in Belfast with renewed enthusiasm and with a point to prove."

    "For those that don't know already I will turn thirty next month, and when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday earlier in the week I answered by saying that a place in a final would be the best gift I could I hope for. Well tonight my wish came true, and it was like several Birthdays rolled into one. The margin with these indoor trials is so fine, last week Bou was a clear winner and this week lady luck was not with him. On the other hand I had a few near moments tonight, but someone was looking after me."

    With neither Cabestany or Bou making it through to the final, Raga extended his lead at the head of the championship following his third win of the season. With Lampkin proudly occupying the runners up spot on this occasion, Raga's team mate Fajardo completed the rostrum. Dougie is now within one point of Fujinami in the overall standings.

    Attendance: 2,500.


  1. 1: Raga 9
  2. 2: Lampkin 15
  3. 3: Fajardo 25
  4. Qualifiers:

  5. 1: Adam Raga (SPA-Gas Gas) 4
  6. 2: Dougie Lampkin (GBR-Montesa-HRC) 5
  7. 3: Jeroni Fajardo (SPA-Gas Gas) 6
  8. Non Qualifiers:

  9. 4: Antonio Bou (SPA-Beta) 8
  10. 5: Albert Cabestany (SPA-Sherco) 11
  11. 6: Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa-HRC) 12
  12. 7: James Dabill (GBR-Beta) 22
  13. 8: Shaun Morris (GBR-Gas Gas) 28
  14. Current championship standings:

  15. 1: Raga 52
  16. 2: Cabestany 41
  17. 3: Bou 40
  18. 4: Fajardo 32
  19. 5: Fujinami 26
  20. 6: Lampkin 25
  21. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 12/02/06 Sunday - St Petersburg, Russia - Rnd 7 World Indoor Chp.