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KillSpills Rally Stops London's Traffic! - September 11th 2006

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    In brilliant sunshine, thousands of motorcyclists taking part in this year's KillSpills anti diesel-spill rally brought London's traffic to a halt as they made their way from the Ace Cafe London to the House of Commons.

    Escorted by Metropolitan Police outriders supplemented by KillSpills marshals, the convoy of 5,250 riders (official police estimate) at times stretched for over 2 miles as they made their way on the 11 mile route from London's North Circular, down Park Lane, past Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Trafalgar Square and on to park up along Victoria Embankment.

    Staged to raise the profile of the menace that spilt diesel presents to the UK's 1.2 million motorcycle and scooter riders, this year's BMF sponsored KillSpills Rally, the 3rd to be held, more than doubled last year's attendance and packed the roads in central London, completely closing the East bound lane of Victoria Embankment.

    Concerned that the lethal danger of spilt diesel on our roads has for too long been ignored, a 'Third Year Anniversary' card and a thirty seven page report on the dangers of diesel spillage was handed in by a deputation from KillSpills to Prime Minister Tony Blair at 10 Downing Street as the convoy passed down Whitehall.

    At the start of the ride and in recognition of their proactive role in tackling diesel spills, supermarket giant Sainsbury's were awarded the KillSpills / BMF Award for 'Achievement in Reducing diesel Spills'.

    Sponsored by the BMF's preferred insurer Bennetts Insurance, the award was in recognition of Sainsbury's work in: fitting the entire fleet of over 1000 diesel vehicles with an anti-siphon devices designed to prevent overfilling and diesel spillage; their driver training manuals instructing drivers on filling tanks; warning posters and leaflets displayed in their depots; maintenance checks for leaking seals and their driver pre-journey checks that include fuel tank cap security.

    Commenting on the day's events, KillSpills organiser Stephen Edwards said: "Fantastic! It's a lot of hard work but without my team, the marshals, the police and the support of the BMF, it just wouldn't have happened. The number of riders turning out proves we have struck a chord on the diesel menace, we now want to see action from government, that will be the real achievement."