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MotoGP - Positive End of 2006 Preseason Test For Repsol Honda Team - March 12th 2006

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    Dani Pedrosa sets the fourth fastest time today and team mate Nicky Hayden is sixth on the last test day before the first Grand Prix of the 2006 season.

    The 2006 preseason finished today at the Jerez circuit, venue of the Spanish Grand Prix, first round of the 2006 Motorcycling World Championship in two weeks time. With all MotoGP riders on the Andalusian track, young Repsol rider Dani Pedrosa was once again one of the fastest in Jerez, just as on the two previous days. Despite his inexperience, Dani has shown that he is learning and evolving every time he gets on the track. After yesterday's race simulation, Dani decided to repeat the experience today covering 21 laps of the 27 making up a Grand Prix on his track.

    The experience was positive again and both Dani and his team were able to draw valuable conclusions. In two weeks, Pedrosa will have the first chance to make good use of everything he has learned during the preseason at the first Grand Prix of the year. Today Dani set the fourth fastest time behind Capirossi and his Ducati who were the fastest. Pedrosa made his best lap time on qualifying tyres. He preferred to be cautious on the first of the two laps that can be covered with those tyres, and in the second just when Dani had decided to attack, he came across a slower rider who hindered him from making one whole good lap. However, his fourth best time is a positive result.

    Team mate Nicky Hayden, sixth fastest today, looks back to three hard days in Jerez. The new bike is still evolving, but it's a slow process demanding really hard work from the North American rider and his team. The 101 laps covered today by the Repsol rider show that he is really giving it all. He says that he hasn't got the pace to win races on the new bike yet, but he is confident that his team and he are going to have everything they need to be 100% competitive at the first race.

    Dani Pedrosa: "Today we basically tested suspension things, because we had already achieved a good lap time yesterday, so we focussed on improving in certain parts of the circuit. I only tested the start twice and the truth is that I would have liked to try it some more times. I think that the balance of our preseason is good, because we have been constantly progressing and improving. The most positive aspect is that we've been able to do many laps and that's always good because it allows you to get to know the bike better before the first race. This bike isn't as easy as the 250cc in any aspect."

    Nicky Hayden: "Well, the tests are over and now comes the true test, reality. Next time we will be in a race. As I told you yesterday, I would like to say that everything went well and that everything is working perfectly, but we're still having problems with the bike. We made some progress today and towards the end we tested on soft tyres to see how they work and there is no doubt that it helped me to improve times. But this hasn't been a race and we know that we cannot keep the pace. However, I'm very excited and looking forward to start racing. This is fun, but real competition is when we all get on the grid and ride side by side."