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Giovanni Bussei Replaces Karl Muggeridge In The Winston Ten Kate Honda Team - April 12th 2006

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    Karl Muggeridge, rider of the Winston Ten Kate Honda Team, really wanted to participate to the 3rd Superbike World Championship round of the 2006 season, but doctors have been really prudent from the first exams. The Mobile Clinic's doctors declared from the beginning, and after further medical controls in Switzerland and Australia the result was the same. Karl will not be able to compete on the Ricardo Tormo circuit in the next weekend of race in Valencia.

    A pity for the Aussie rider who was looking for revenge after not such a lucky start of the season. The Winston Ten Kate Honda Team decided that his position on the second Honda CBR 1000 will be taken by experienced Italian rider Giovanni Bussei.

    Ronald Ten Kate - Winston Ten Kate Honda Team Manager;

    "I am really sorry Karl will not be able to ride with us in Valencia. He seemed to get better and better day by day, but at the end I think he took, together with the doctors the right decision. It's not worth it to ruin a season and put in danger his future for a single race. I am confident he will be back in Monza. Giovanni Bussei will be riding with us in Valencia next weekend. Giovanni demonstrated to be a good rider in the past with previous experience with Pirelli Tyres which is a key point. He really deserves a chance with our Team also for what he has done in Imola in 2004. In that race, during the warm up lap, he transformed into a "taxi rider" and brought our rider Chris Vermeulen back to the box after a fall, allowing him to participate in a crucial race in which Chris was fighting for the Title. This showed the sportsmanship Giovanni has. We could consider it a payback from our side. It wasn't easy to find a rider in this moment of the season, but we are very pleased to work with Giovanni."

    Giovanni Bussei - Winston Ten Kate Honda rider;

    "I couldn't believe it when I received the phone call yesterday afternoon. I was really happy. The chance to ride the Honda CBR 1000, which finished second in last year championship, is a fantastic opportunity for me. After my injury at Mangy Cours last year, I wasn't planning to find any teams for the 2006 season, I had some offers but I preferred to recover and be back at the best physical conditions. Nothing is for sure yet, but I may possibly participate to Supermotard World Championship to keep in shape. But what is happening now is just incredible. The last rumours were saying that Karl was going to recover, and then my phone rang. It was Ronald Ten Kate. Now I really hope to payback the trust they gave me by bringing as many points as possible to the Winston Ten Kate Honda Team. Of course I am sorry for Karl, I know how he is feeling at the moment. I honestly hope he will get well soon."

    Karl Muggeridge - Winston Ten Kate Honda rider;

    "The doctors convinced me: it's not worth it to risk a season, and not only, for a race. The injury is in a delicate position, and even if I don't feel any pain, a hard fall could make it much worse. From a couple of weeks I am not taking anymore painkillers, therefore I was really positive about being able to compete in Valencia, but this morning exams weren't as good as I thought. I will have to put through treatments and exercising to race in Monza in the first weekend of May. This is why I don't think I'll be able to follow the race from the track, but I will probably remain in Zurich with my family. I wish all the best to Giovanni. I hope he can do really well for the Team and for himself."