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Riders ay 'F' Is For Fun In National Motorcycle Week 2006 - July 13th 2006

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    The National Motorcycle Week (16-23rd July) survey on the 'F' factor found that riders think 'F' is for fun.

    The online poll, carried out by, surveyed 3,517 people to find out what is it that makes bikers tick and inspires them to keep riding on two wheels and fun was top of the poll with a whopping 83% . Freedom (79%) was identified as the second factor that represented motorcycling, followed by flexibility (50%), fast (37%) and friendship (34%).

    Non-riders perceptions are different. They were most likely to think that freedom (55%) represents motorcycling, followed by fast (48%), fun (46%) and flexibility (32%).

    The findings challenge stereotypes that riders are only concerned by speed. The other benefits, such as cost-effectiveness and shorter journey times, which creates a more flexible mode of transport are each more highly valued.

    Craig Carey- Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said " Riders know that motorcycling has more to offer than a quick blast of speed. Fun, for riders, isn't about speed, it is about the whole experience of freedom, pleasure and flexibility that riding offers.

    "Non-riders have developed attitudes which show they think motorcycling means 'fast' and it is important that we challenge these ideas to show that a bike or scooter is a fun, practical, congestion-busting form of transport."