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Sign Up to Defend Motorcycling - April 14th 2006

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    The Motorcycle Action Group has fired the first round in the campaign against the motorcycle aspects contained in the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive.

    The campaign is fronted by a dedicated website which gives a new dimension to MAG's concerted efforts for the withdrawal of the motorcycle parts of the directive.

    MAG Director Of Public Affairs, says, "Contained in the site you will find a petition to sign that we can present to legislators, a lobby section to email your MP and MEP and a poll to give your opinion on how the directive will have a negative effect on the future of motorcycling."

    MAG is asking for a more meaningful directive that balances riders' reasonable expectations for freedom of access to motorcycles, mobility and the prevention of accidents.

    We are now engaged in a game of survival of the most determined and the European Commission is going to learn how determined MAG is.

    MAG deplores the Council of Ministers recommendation that a formal second reading (rubber stamping) in the European Parliament should proceed without further discussion by MEPs.

    We urge the elected representatives of motorcyclists to do all in their power to have the motorcycle aspects of the directive withdrawn, and publicly state their support for riders, so that a more meaningful directive can be drafted.