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Spanish Outdoor Trials Championship Cabanillas de la Sierra (Madrid), Spain - May 14th 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin slumped to a disappointing sixth place at today's third round of the Spanish domestic championship held near Madrid, Spain. Lampkin arrived in the region with fond memories, having clinched his last World title at a venue in the same area. Comprising of a course very similar to that special day back in 2003, today's trial featured fifteen sections of a mainly dry nature.

    With his number one machine already on route to the USA ready for next weekend's Grand Prix, Lampkin used today's event to give his second machine its debut shakedown under competition conditions. Lampkin's day begun badly when he picked first man away in the ballot, and never got much better as the trial progressed.

    Riding up at the front of the field alongside Raga, who had drawn an equally bad start time, Dougie never found his rhythm and clocked up a series of marks to leave him on a total of nineteen after the first lap. This score was the same as Raga's, but the pair of them were someway off the pace with Bou leading the trial on seven marks for the same period.

    Whilst Raga improved during his closing lap, to nearly half his first lap tally, Lampkin got slightly worse, his second lap total being a hefty twenty one marks. This compared to eight for Fajardo's who posted the best performance of the afternoon to finish as runner up to eventual winner Bou.

    Lampkin was disgusted at his own performance and was honest in his post trial comments. " People will look at the results and the scores and will think that I have had some kind of problem. But the only problem today was me. I simply rode as bad as I have done for a long time and that is it."

    "I could try to blame my starting position and adjusting to the new bike, which although they didn't help matters, were not the real problem today. My only consolation is that it was a strange trial and has produced a result which wasn't expected by many of the top riders."

    Lampkin will return to his Barcelona base tonight before beginning his journey to the USA via the UK tomorrow morning.

    Championship to date:

  1. 1: Bou - 50
  2. 2: Raga - 50
  3. 3: Fajardo - 48
  4. 4: Cabestany - 41
  5. 5: Lampkin - 38
  6. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 20-21/05/06 Saturday/Sunday -- Sequatchie, USA - Rnd 3 World Outdoor Chp.