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WSB - Positive Test For Winston Ten Kate Honda - June 14th 2006

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    Three days of hard work for the Winston Ten Kate Honda Team in Brno. The main objective was to check the traction control system provided by PI Research, which gave good results since the beginning. Both riders, James Toseland and Karl Muggeridge, tried it and both of them felt good with it even if there is still some work to do. The three days of testing went well also thanks to the weather conditions which were almost perfect, in fact on day 2 around midday a rainstorm wetted the track for half an hour and ruined some work in the afternoon. Lap times consistently improved for both riders who are determinate to do well in Misano next weekend.

    Ronald Ten Kate - Team Manager;

    "Good three days for us. No big problems overall which make us think confidence for Misano race in two weeks time. The boys worked really hard giving us many helpful information for Misano and for when we will come back here for the race in just after a month. The traction control system is looking good, of course not at its best just yet, but will be really helpful in the near future. Now we will pass the information achieved to Klaffi's Team who will work on it as well in Lausitz in the next couple of days. James and Karl both registered interesting lap times. We are on the right track and we hope to continue this way for the race in Misano."

    James Toseland - Winston Ten Kate Honda Rider (Best lap time with race tyres 2'01.7 - 244 laps);

    "The three days of work went well. Yesterday we tired the new electronics and we played a lot with it. The shifter was a lot of smoother during the day but still no traction control at all. We tried many settings and we worked a lot on that. Today I concentrate more on lap times and trying other things. We were quite fast and for sure it has been a positive testing for us. Also Karl has been working on the new electronic components and when we will put together the information achieved, hopefully we will see the result."

    Karl Muggeridge - Winston Ten Kate Honda Rider (Best lap time with qualifying tyres 2'01.2 - with race tyres 2'02.1 - 228 laps);

    "So far the test has been pretty successful. We try many setting on the bikes. Today I also tried a bit the new electronic. Things improved minute by minute and around the end of the day things were looking quite good. Of course it's only matter of time and we'll get this new system at its best. This test went well overall and it makes us confidence for Misano race in two weeks time."

    Top 5 lap times (with qualifying tyres):

  1. 1. Bayliss (Ducati) 2'00"8 (2'00"0)
  2. 2. Toseland (Winston Ten Kate Honda) 2'01"7
  3. 3. Muggeridge (Winston Ten Kate Honda) 2'02"1 (2'01"2)
  4. 4. Haga (Yamaha) 2'02"5 (2'01"6)
  5. 5. Pitt (Yamaha) 2'02"5 (2'01"7)