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Captains Of Industry and MCI Take The Bikesafe Challenge In National Motorcycle Week - July 14th 2006

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    Bikesafe are challenging senior members of the motorcycle industry to a BikeSafe assessment as part of the National Motorcycle Week (16-23rd July) activities. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Piaggio, Watsonian Squire and Norman Hyde are the manufacturers who will be participating on 18th July.

    Staff from the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI), based in Coventry, will be joining them too, as they are put through their paces by some of the most experienced motorcycle cops in the UK.

    BikeSafe is a national assessment scheme for motorcycle riders, that aims to reduce the number of motorcycle casualties, organised by police forces across the UK. Police from Warwickshire, Cheshire and North Wales will be on hand during the day to run two sessions.

    Each rider will be taken out by one policeman who will assess their skills on a one hour ride and then provide feedback at the end of the session to advise them on their next developmental steps.

    In a drive to develop stronger links with the motorcycle training industry, BikeSafe is working in partnership to build a link that should enable riders who take part in a BikeSafe assessment to get access to post-test training more easily. This is also being supported by the Driving Standards Agency.

    BikeSafe currently assesses around 4,500 people each year and the majority of participants in this scheme would benefit from referral to proper training.

    The new BikeSafe strategy is going to bridge the gap between BikeSafe and the trainers in an ideal partnership that can help reduce motorcycle casualties. It will also provide a scheme that offers one product, delivered in multiple venues and will hopefully grow to meet the increasing demand.

    Karen Cooke MCI's Head of Motorcycle safety said, " National Motorcycle Week is the industry's annual campaign that promotes the benefits of motorcycling and encourages riders to participate in events or activities. MCI has a strong commitment to improving rider skills and has supported BikeSafe for a number of years.

    "This assessment opportunity for key players to come together was the perfect match for National Motorcycle Week and all of the riders are expecting to gain some useful tips and insight into their own riding techniques."