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Motorcycle Registrations Up As Motorcycle Show Closes - November 15th 2006

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    Total new moped and motorcycle registrations across almost all engine sizes and styles showed general improvements in October 2006, a total of 9,889 bikes were registered- an overall increase of 9% compared to the same month in 2005.

    The total number of registrations for the year to 31st October is 118,266.

    Declining Moped registrations, which are affecting the overall figures, are being offset by the rising numbers of 125cc motorcycles, keeping the vital 0-125cc commuter and novice sector sustained. This change is noted in the switch from Moped Scooter, down 82 registrations, to Motorcycle Scooter, up 209 registrations.

    Motorcycle (ie; excl. Mopeds) registrations rose by 13% compared to October 2005 and there was a 2% increase year to date.

    Three of the Top-Ten selling machines of 2006 are in this category, as the machines provide a practical transport solution and an accessible way in to motorcycling.

    Sports bikes remain as popular as ever and several manufacturers were displaying their exciting 2007 models at the NEC Show alongside the many multi-purpose machines in the Naked and Adventure Sport categories. Notably, the Sport/ Touring sector achieved a 40% increase in October.

    Craig Carey-Clinch, MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, " As the main biking season comes to an end it is reassuring to observe stabilisation in bike registrations. The Industry is aware that there are new markets out there and with an estimated 120,000 new riders each year the entry level machines should continue to sell as people opt for a more flexible, economic form of transport.

    "One of the more popular features at the Motorcycle Show this year was the 'try a bike' opportunity for potential riders to get free basic tuition The industry now needs to capitalise on this and attract more women and younger riders.

    "Sustaining the market in the economy is a challenge, but we must continue to make motorcycling accessible and highlight that it is becoming safer, particularly in areas where motorcycling is being integrated into mainstream transport policy."