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Motorcycle Industry Association Recognised By Prince Michael For Road Safety Initiatives - December 15th 2006

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    The Motor Cycle Industry was rewarded for its commitment to improving motorcycle safety by the presentation of a Prince Michael Road Safety Award.

    The team met Prince Michael, who congratulated them on their safety strategy and wide ranging initiatives that have been co-ordinated by Karen Cook, Head of Motorcycle Safety. The MCI stepped up its commitment to road safety in 2003 when it produced a challenging 19 Point Safety Strategy which highlighted the priorities and actions that the industry and the Government need to focus on.

    The Industry has been responsible for initiating a range of motorcycle safety actions which arose from the strategy, these included;

  1. Media Relations that would promote responsible riding
  2. Production of A Street, A Track and Open Road educational DVD which has been distributed free of charge
  3. The distribution of the DfT Take Control' Leaflet to buyers of new motorcycles.
  4. Internal restructuring, creating a Motorcycle Safety Committee (MSC), designed to take safety to the highest priority
  5. Developing its interests in road safety education, particularly among the young, which led to the production of the DVD 'Act Your Age' and Links an education pack linked to the Citizenship curriculum.
  6. MCI will now focus on issues related to training and testing, the development of the post-test training register, working with organisations such as BikeSafe, accident research and working to evolve the National Motorcycle Council into a full Government partnership body.

    The National Motorcycle Council is now a driving force in the implementation of the Government's National Motorcycle Strategy which aims to make the roads safer for bikes and reduce the number of casualties.

    Karen Cooke, MCI's Head of Motorcycle Safety said, "The MCI team has worked tremendously hard to achieve this and will continue to strive towards reduced casualties. There has been a reduction in the number of motorcycle casualties and as initiatives start to take more of an effect we expect the downward trend to continue. This award is a boost for the industry and for road safety, but doesn't mean we will become complacent as we still have plenty to do."

    Adrian Walsh director of the awards scheme said: ' The commitment and leadership shown by the motorcycle industry trade association is quite outstanding - its effect has had a remarkable impact on motorcycle safety'.