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MotoGP - New Michelin tyres for Tamada on the second day of test in Sepang - February 16th 2006

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    The performance of the Konica Minolta Team rider has sensibly improved. Today, Makoto Tamada has started testing some new Michelin race tyres. The day started with the usual hot-humid weather of this region but after 03:00 pm a typical and usual shower stopped the work of all the teams. The Konica Minolta Team, even with the impossibility to carry out all the planned work, has been able to get the first confirmations of what done up to now. Makoto Tamada has lowered the time of yesterday of more than one second continuing in the better way the phase of the best feeling research with his new Honda RC211V.

    Tomorrow, the third and last day of test, the session will be mostly dedicated to work on the different tyres solutions which, in case of ideal weather conditions, will even permit Makoto to make a race simulation.

    Makoto Tamada - Konica Minolta Honda Rider (2.02.560 - 51 Laps) "The way we have been able to evolve the bike in up to now, makes me feel satisfied. Today I have started the test on the new Michelin tyres and it permitted me to ride with relevant times the positive aspect is that each setting leads to a small but evident benefit in the search of my ideal feeling with the bike. It's a sign that we are on the right way towards the development of the 2006 material and that the new RC211V has for sure a good potential".

    Giulio Bernardelle - Konica Minolta Honda Technical Director;

    "Today we have reached a first definition for the suspensions and the geometrical setting of the new bike. This will be the starting point for the development work to be done before the beginning of the season. For this, on half day, we have had all the necessary conditions to profitably start using the new Michelin tyres, testing some rear race tyres. Makoto has been able to run on a medium lap time of 2 minutes and 2 seconds without forcing his rhythm searching for the best lap time. Unfortunately, even today, the rain has stopped our programme in advance. In accordance with the Michelin technicians, we have decided to put off some tests till tomorrow, in order to be able to carry out the first race simulation of this season".