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The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) is supporting the Motorcycle Industry Association's (MCIA) "Ride to Work" Day - July 17th 2006

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    This year's Ride to Work Day on Wednesday 19th July is promoting motorcycling as a fun, flexible, and friendly alternative to the car for commuters and highlighting the social and environmental benefits of riding to work on a bike, moped or scooter.

    Ride 2 Work Day highlights that motorcycling:-

  1. Cuts congestion
  2. Cuts pollution
  3. Cuts journey times
  4. Is convenient and flexible
  5. Is cost-effective
  6. The motorcycling community is made up of a varied range of motorcycles from commuting scooters to custom and sports bikes while their riders come from all walks of life.

    MAG Director of Public Affairs Trevor Baird says, "Ride To Work day is the opportunity for all riders to give a nod in recognition that as riders we all face the same issues on two wheels."

    Cleveland Police and MAG in the North West have teamed up for a ride into Middlesborough and politicians are getting in on the act with the All Party Parliamentary for Motorcycling Group backing the annual campaign.

    Bill Wiggin MP Chair of the All Party Group, which is made up of about 70 members from the House of Commons and the Lords, said, "Ride to Work Day promotes the diversity of motorcycling and the many benefits associated with riding on a bike or scooter, not least the congestion busting and journey time-reducing potential of motorcycling in congested urban areas.

    MAG recently gave a briefing to the All Party Group on a wide range of issues from Bikes in Bus Lanes to the high percentage of SMIDSYs (Sorry Mate I didn't See You) accidents, where the motorcyclist is NOT to blame and drivers fail to see riders - who should be in clear view.

    If you only use your motorcycle for leisure at weekends, Wednesday is your chance to savour the flavour of congestion busting weekday motorcycling and share the issues on motorcycle access to Bus Lanes, Advanced Stop lines and Parking.