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Strong Winds Hamper Testing for FPR at Phillip Island - January 18th 2006

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    Strong winds at Phillip Island's costal circuit proved a force to be reckoned with for FPR's Steve Martin and Craig Jones, on the second day of the team's four day test.

    Both riders made good progress on their PETRONAS FP1 bikes at the outset of the day, with Craig becoming increasingly confident in his familiarity of the circuit and improving on his lap time from yesterday by over a second, to 1:36.75.

    Steve was straight back on the pace and able to consistently lap in the low 1:34s on standard race tyres, to finish the day with a time of 1:34.04 - over one and a half seconds faster than his quickest lap time during the race at Phillip Island last March.

    Steve and Craig both completed forty one laps each but, were forced to sit out much of the afternoon's track session, along with other riders present at the test, as strong winds that swept across the costal circuit greatly affected the handling and stability of their bikes.

    Craig said, "I'm happy with my progress in learning the track today and it's a shame the winds were so strong this afternoon that it limited the amount of laps we could do. Hopefully it will die down for tomorrow as it's too dangerous to ride at high speed as the wind just pushes you off line. I tested some different rear shock settings and have found a direction I'm happy with, so we've got a good game plan for tomorrow."

    Steve commented, "From straight out this morning I was back in the 34s and lapping there comfortably until the terrible wind came in this afternoon. So that we didn't waste testing time I was able to do a few slow runs in the afternoon in order to gather data for some system developments, but tomorrow I'm looking forward to testing three new specification rear tyres which should give me more speed."

    Unofficial Times;

  1. 1. Troy Corser (Alstare Suzuki) 1:32.81
  2. 2. Yukio Kagayama (Alstare Suzuki) 1:33.62
  3. 3. Steve Martin (Foggy PETRONAS Racing) 1.34.04
  4. 4. Norick Abe (Yamaha France) 1:34.88
  5. 5. Sebastien Gimbert (Yamaha France) 1:35.20
  6. 6. Shinichi Nakatomi (Yamaha France) 1:35.8
  7. 7. Craig Jones (Foggy PETRONAS Racing) 1:36.75