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Commuter Interest Reflected In Motorcycle Sales - July 19th 2006

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    June's motorcycle sales figures, published by the Motor Cycle Industry Association, show a static market for year to date.

    Commuter interest is helping the market and there have been notable sales increases in Greater London, Greater Manchester and Essex. The statistics released by the Department for Transport this month show that the number of motorcycle user casualties on British roads is continuing to fall, despite continued growth in motorcycling overall, which is good news in on Ride to Work Day (16th - 23rd July).

    The top ten featured two 125cc motorcycles, a Honda and Yamaha, both ideal for commuting. Around two-thirds of journeys made on a machine are for work or an educational purpose, which suggests that the sports bikes that feature heavily in the top ten are more versatile than ever and it is likely that they are being used for commuting as well as leisure purposes.

    Craig Carey-Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, " The range of bikes on offer is incredible, there is something to suit everyone and they are also more versatile. As Ride to Work Day arrives it is important to highlight the many benefits associated with riding a machine; cost-effectiveness, cutting congestion, shorter journey times and can cut pollution"