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World Outdoor Trials Championship Sequathchie, USA - May 20th 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin kept his dream of an eighth outdoor World title very much alive, when he took second place during the opening day of the USA Grand Prix. Lampkin rode himself into the runners up position with a stunning second lap performance, Dougie being one of only two riders to complete the tough course in single figures. His last lap loss of just seven marks pushed Bou into third place at the finish, the young Spanish rider having headed Dougie at the halfway point.

    Rain overnight forced the organisers to adjust some sections prior to the start of today's trial, with the steep muddy bankings being extremely greasy. The first eight hazards were in a slow running river, with large green boulders providing the challenge. The second half of the loop featured rock faces and steps on a wooded hillside. Dougie's early starting position was certainly not an advantage, with all his main rivals having the luxury of watching him ride the sections first.

    Lampkin's day started badly as he failed on the final hill climb in the first section after having done the more difficult part of the hazard for just a dab. Dougie rode himself back into contention by dropping only one more five at section nine to complete the first lap for a total of seventeen marks, that being five more marks than eventual winner Raga and four marks more than Bou at this point.

    With only Raga beating Lampkin's last lap score Dougie was positive about his second place after the trial. "Without the mistake in section one I could have been closer to Raga and maybe put him under a bit more pressure, as we have made it comfortable for him today. However second is still a good result and keeps me in the hunt for the championship."

    "Raga has ridden well today to win by six marks, as the level in the top group has been high given the conditions. I need to look at today's result to see where we can improve tomorrow if I am going to be able to win. I hope the organisers will make some changes tonight to give us another good trial tomorrow, as if they leave it how it is, it could end up being on the easy side."

    Championship current standings:

  1. 1: Raga - 54
  2. 2: Bou - 48
  3. 3: Lampkin - 47
  4. 4: Fujinami - 40
  5. 5: Fajardo - 35
  6. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 21/05/06 Sunday-- Sequatchie, USA - Rnd 3 World Outdoor Chp.