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World Outdoor Trials Championship Sequathchie, USA, Round 3 Day 2 - May 21st 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin fought a brave battle to take another second place at day two of the USA Grand Prix earlier today. Lampkin put up a tough fight against eventual victor Raga during the opening lap, but faded in the later stages whilst still suffering the after effects of an illness that saw him take to his hotel bed early last night. Dougie's brace of runners up positions leaves him in a clear second place in the championship after the opening three rounds.

    Torrential electric storms throughout the night forced the organisers to make substantial changes to the course ready for Sunday's competition. Whilst the water level in the lazy river had hardly risen, the heavy rain had wreck the muddy bankings making them impossible in places. Lampkin started strongly and was right on Raga's tail through the first part of the initial lap, but a soft five in section eight would be the difference between these two riders at the mid point.

    With temperatures rising and the humidity increasing too, Lampkin looked jaded as he went out on the loop for the final time this weekend. Knowing that the victory was slipping from his reach, Dougie adopted a safety approach to conserve what little energy he had in an attempt to hold on to second position. Despite a five in the very last hazard of the day, Lampkin had done enough to grind out an important result in terms of the title race.

    "I am absolutely finished, I haven't got an ounce of energy left in me. I not sure what it was last night, but it certainly took the stuffing out of me. I wanted to eat some thing as I knew it was going to be a tough day today, but I just kept being violently sick. This morning I felt better, but not any where near 100%."

    "After yesterday I was really up for the battle with Adam, and during the first lap I all but matched him apart from the mistake in section eight, which was a real shame after having ridden so well for the rest of the lap. The second lap was all about survival. I simply had no answer to Raga, as he was in a class of his own on the last lap. Overall it has been a positive weekend, but I now can't afford to lose anymore ground in the championship."

    Championship current standings:

  1. 1: Raga - 74
  2. 2: Lampkin - 64
  3. 3: Bou - 58
  4. 4: Fujinami - 51
  5. 5: Fajardo - 50
  6. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 03-04/06/06 Saturday / Sunday-- Motegi, Japan - Rnd 4 World Outdoor Chp.