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Mary Anne Hobs Joins National Motorcycle Week - June 21st 2006

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    Foxy radio DJ, TV presenter, and all round funky motorcycle chick Mary Anne Hobbs is supporting National Motorcycle Week 2006.

    National Motorcycle Week is the annual event that encourages all riders to get on their bikes and show their friends, colleagues, the media and the politicians that riders come from all walks of life. Bikes offer a multitude of benefits to the individual as well as the rest of the community.

    This years' campaign is promoting the 'F' factor to highlight motorcycling offers fun, freedom, flexibility and friendship.

    Mary Anne, who has been riding since she was 16 years old, is the perfect partner to help emphasise these messages. Her love of bikes has allowed her the freedom to travel around the world, avoiding elephants on the road in India among other places, discovering global bike culture. She also presented World Superbikes on British Eurosport and 'Full Throttle Famous' about stars and their bikes on Men & Motors last year.

    She has developed many amazing friendships through her passion for bikes, is a firm believer in education and thinks that motorcycle awareness should be taught as a compulsory part of the learner car driver curriculum.

    Mary Anne said, "Freedom and friendship are the two of the greatest rewards in the world of motorcycling ."

    "National Motorcycle Week is the time for dedicated bikers to introduce those that have missed out on all the fun."

    "Most riders are committed to safe, responsible, enjoyable riding and we need to sustain the right image to ensure we keep our freedoms secure."