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Scan reveals full extent of Lampkin's Injury - January 23rd 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin got the news that he both feared and expected, when a scan at a Barcelona clinic earlier today revealed that he is suffering from a broken rib. Whilst initial examinations following his heavy crash in Marseille over a week ago suggested nothing more than heavy bruising, a specialist told Lampkin today that his injury was worse than had first been diagnosed. Dougie has broken his ninth rib on his right hand side, which is at the lower edge of the rib cage and is basically a floating bone.

    Having been joined by his wife Nicola, and baby son Alfie this morning, Dougie will remain at his Spanish home this week, with rest and recuperation being the only prescribed remedy for this painful and unfortunate injury. This will be the second consecutive week that Lampkin has been unable to both train and practice, him having hoped that the initial period of in activity would have left in him better shape for yesterday's event in Granada than it actually did.

    Despite the news Lampkin remains positive about the season ahead of him. "Obviously it isn't the best news for a Monday, but realistically I was expecting it, as the pain I experienced when I rode yesterday was incredible. No injury is ever welcomed, but it is more annoying than actually being a major set back."

    "I am going to see if it is possible to ride in Milan this coming Sunday, as the Doctor said that it would not worsen my condition as long as I don't crash on that side again whilst it is healing. Without any setbacks or complications it should have fully healed after four weeks."

    "Riding the next few indoor trials isn't going to be easy or something I am looking forward to, but it is just a case of gritting your teeth and getting on with the job. My aim in the short term is survival, then once I am fit again hopefully I can finish off the indoor series better than it has started ready for the beginning of the outdoor championship."

    "OK, it is something I could have done without, but it isn't the end of the World and hopefully it will not hamper my assault on capturing an eighth outdoor World crown."