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Spanish Outdoor Trials Championship Pobladura Regueras (León), Spain - April 23rd 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin finished in third place at the second round of the Spanish domestic championship held near the city of Leon, Spain earlier today. Using the opportunity to further familiarise himself and to test new settings on the 2006 factory Repsol Montesa HRC machine, Lampkin was relatively happy with his day's work. Giving him the chance to put in some additional hours on the bike before the World championship resumes towards the end of May.

    Sitting in the North West corner of Spain, the region of Leon hosted what Dougie described as a 'good trial' with a 'variety' of sections. The course contained a mix of dry boulders and river hazards, the later sections being the first time Lampkin had ridden the new bike in wet and slippery streams.

    "This is only the fourth time I have ridden the new bike in a trial, so it was important to once again use the chance to get in some competitive testing as we are still experimenting with some things. Obviously I have been riding against many of my World championship rivals, so you can get a real idea of just where we are prior to going to the USA in a few weeks time"

    "Jeroni was in a class of his own today, so to be somewhere near Raga despite the three fives I had on the first lap, is not such a bad result especially as they are riding on home ground. The first five in section eleven was a real bad one. I then fived the next section as I rolled a rock out just as I was setting off out of the river for the final hill climb. I think only two riders got out of section thirteen so that five was almost forgivable."

    "Each time I ride the bike I feel more confident and have a better feeling, which is going to be natural, as the more time you ride it the more it becomes second nature in understanding how it is going to react in any given situation. There is simply no substitute for spending time on the bike, so from that point of view today has been another positive exercise."

    Lampkin will now take a well earned break back in the Isle of Man after having been on the road for several months, before he flies out to the next Grand Prix in the USA in May.

    Championship to date:

  1. 1: Raga - 37
  2. 2: Fajardo - 31
  3. 3: Bou - 30
  4. 4: Lampkin - 28
  5. 5: Cabestany - 26
  6. 6: Oliveras - 19
  7. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 20-21/05/06 Saturday / Sunday-- Sequatchie, USA - Rnd 3 World Outdoor Chp.