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Drive The Debate On Bikes In Bus Lanes - May 23rd 2006

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    The Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) is urging people to help drive the debate on bikes in bus lanes by supporting its online lobbying activity. The MCI is carrying out a poll to generate support from the public to influence policy so that all Local Authorities will allow motorcycles in bus lanes to help reduce casualties.

    A recent debate took place in the House of Commons and was responded to by Minister for Transport Dr Stephen Ladyman MP. He highlighted that there have been no negative effects caused by bikes in bus lanes and that unless there is any special reason Local Authorities should be permitting and encouraging this practical and safe use of bus lanes.

    An independent survey in 2005 found that 87% of riders and just over half of the general public agree that allowing bikes in bus lanes has road safety benefits and 15% of the public said they would ride to work if bikes or scooters are permitted in bus lanes.

    The Transport for London study which is evaluating the use of bus lanes by motorcyclists in the city has, in its provisional report, confirmed that it does reduce the vulnerability of riders without affecting the vulnerability of other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

    Craig Carey-Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, "Bikes in bus lanes can have a positive impact on road safety and that unless there are special reasons, such as proximity to a school for example, then Local Authorities should follow the logic of this debate and be more pro-active in allowing access to bus lanes for bikers.

    "The MCI is pushing for all Local Authorities to allow bikes in bus lanes and follow the positive example set others such as Peterborough and South Gloucestershire. The industry urges people to get online and participate in the poll and help achieve this important road safety development"