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Dougie Lampkin Makes Winning Return - October 23rd 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin made a winning return to the World famous Scott time and observation trial held near Richmond, North Yorkshire yesterday. Having won the trial back in 1994, Lampkin had been absent from the event for twelve years, but returned in dramatic fashion as he put a stop to Graham Jarvis' run of recent victories. Dougie's victory also prevented the Sherco rider from taking the outright record of most wins at this specialist event. Currently Jarvis shares this title with Sammy Miller, both riders having won seven Scott trials each.

    Regarded as the toughest one day trial in the World, Lampkin was under no illusion that his return was going to be anything but easy, with him conceding much vital course knowledge to his main rivals who are all annual competitors at this truly unique event. Continuing with great Scott tradition this year's course covered over eighty miles, all of which are off road and included over seventy sections that are ridden without the riders making any kind of inspection on foot.

    With the fastest rider around the course setting standard time, the other riders then receive one mark for each minute that they run over this time. These time penalties are then added to the marks lost on observation to find a winner. This event is not for the feint hearted and often sees several riders in the same section at the same time, as they battle against the clock and against the tough terrain.

    The predicted duel between Lampkin and Jarvis did not disappoint, as Dougie closed in on Graham despite having started four minutes behind him and having had to repair a rear wheel puncture during the very early stages of the trial. Lampkin was looking to overtake Jarvis after the fifth petrol stop, but opted for safety when he received information relating to his main rival having had missed a section. This was a cruel blow for Graham and would lead to his eventual exclusion.

    "It's every bit as tough as I remembered it, but having won, all the effort and the pressure I put myself under seems very worthwhile. I really feel for Graham, as we were having a great battle, but unfortunately missing a section is always something that can happen in the Scott."

    "I have really enjoyed my day, but it might be a few years before I return again. Being the best on observation and setting the fastest time was a real bonus, and was a nice way to win. It was good to ride in the UK again, and I would like to finish off by thanking everyone who has cheered me on today and by also thanking the Richmond Motor Club for putting on such a brilliant event."


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