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MotoGP - Repsol Honda Complete Three Day Test in Sepang - January 25th 2006

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    Dani Pedrosa totals 200 laps and 1,108 km while team mate Nicky Hayden chalks up 245 laps for a total of 1,357 km.

    The results could not be better for Repsol riders Dani Pedrosa and Nicky Hayden after three days' training at Malaysia's Sepang circuit. Between the two they completed 445 laps, or 2,465 km, providing team technicians and engineers with a great amount of information, which will now get thoroughly analysed in Japan before the next practice rounds at Phillip Island next week.

    While Hayden is labouring with his 2006 Honda RC211V, carrying out tests on the chassis, suspension and other parts that Honda has provided here in Sepang, Pedrosa is still discovering the ins and outs of his new bike. Despite his youth, he has clocked some fabulous times over the last three days. Late this afternoon, Pedrosa first felt how his bike performed with a rear competition wheel. Although his lack of experience prevented him from taking full advantage of its specific qualities, he did manage to clock the fourth best time - 2.01'59, only five tenths away from Sete Gibernau's best.

    Dani Pedrosa completed a total of 77 laps today, or 427 km, against team mate Nicky Hayden's 95 laps and 526 km.

    After today's scheduled session at Sepang, the teams and riders will be making their way to Phillip Island, Australia tomorrow, where their 2006 pre-season training will continue on 31 January and 1-2 February.

    Nicky Hayden said: "Today was the last of three days of hard work, and it wasn't especially good for me. We've been testing several tyre options, and some have given a positive result. We've also been trying out a few changes to the bike. At the end I think we made too many laps and I'm very tired. But we had a lot of work to do, and I knew it had to get done. On the whole I think we've made a lot of progress, and we'll try to put it toward the upcoming practice in Australia. We'll have to see if what worked for us here will also work there - the tracks are quite different. I like Phillip Island; it's quite complete and the curves are fast. We'll check out the changes there to see if they work out or not".

    Dani Pedrosa said: "The balance of these sessions has been positive. I've noticed an improvement over the last ones, basically because of getting more laps out of the bike. For the rest, we've made some small changes over the last three days that'll help us in future. We've also done some tyre testing. Now we know a little bit more, we know the bike a bit better and how the changes affect this category. Physically I'm a bit tired because these days have been quite demanding and I'm still not completely ready, but the team is satisfied and so am I. In the end I went out with a competition tyre - it's the first time I've tried one of these, and the truth is I still have to get used to its behaviour. I didn't get the most out it, but on the other hand it gave me my best time".