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Endangered Species - MAG National Demo on EU Licence Directive - May 25th 2006

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    Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) members are converging on Birmingham on the 1st July for a demonstration as part of the group's campaign to protest against unfair licensing proposals.

    MAG calls for all riders to hit the streets and join the demo which will also celebrate the MAG West Midlands 29th Brum Demo and the Heart of England motorcycle rally.

    MAG has been vigorously campaigning for the revision of the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive which has been thrust upon us in an attempt to cut EU (European Union) road fatalities in half by the year 2010.

    Director of Public Affairs Trevor Baird says, "The directive will do nothing to improve the safety for existing riders or those new riders who will have the tenacity to gain a full licence under the proposed legislation."

    As the proposal stands: -

  1. The age limit for riding a moped (AM) licence will be 16. (Access may be from 14 or raised to 18).
  2. The minimum age for riding a light motorcycle (A1) licence not over 125cc/11kw will be 16 (could be raised to 17 or 18).
  3. The minimum age for riding motorcycles (A2) licence not exceeding 35kw will be 18 (Depending on age limit for an A1 Licence this could be raised to 19 or 20 years).
  4. For progressive access, there will be rigid two year steps between categories.
  5. Riders will be required to take either a minimum number of hours of training or a practical motorcycle test to progress from each category.
  6. For Direct Access, where riders can train and test to qualify for unrestricted motorcycles, the minimum age will rise from 21 to 24
  7. MAG recognises that in the past licensing packages like this have caused dramatic drops in the number of new riders rather than tackling the actual cause of the problem. The emphasis should be on more road awareness training and testing for car drivers to look and see motorcycles, not legislation that targets motorcycling while defying reasonable logic.

    MAG President Ian Mutch said, "At a time when environmental concerns favour a move away from cars it is insanity to be discouraging a more sustainable transport option that offers savings in congestion and emissions."