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Dougie Lampkin returned to winning ways - November 26th 2006

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    Dougie Lampkin returned to winning ways once again, with a convincing victory at a French invitation indoor event held last night, this coming just after his recent win at the famous Scott time and observation trial. Lampkin finished a massive ten marks clear of his Repsol Montesa team mate Takahisa Fujinami, as the four stroke mounted duo made it a 1 - 2 for the Spanish based squad.

    With both laps counting towards the overall score, Dougie dominated both parts of the competition as he posted by far the best performance on observation during his two seperate outings. Lampkin was un-penalised through the five sections on his first visit and picked up his only mark as he played it safe and finished behind Fujinami in the head to head race.

    Carrying a comfortable margin into the second and final lap, Dougie again attacked the man made course with great confidence, but was unable to conquer section number two, where he along with all the other riders collected maximum marks. Lampkin added one more to his tally as again he opted for safety by allowing the factory four stroke to 'drop and stop' on its sump guard, which is penalised under French indoor rules.

    Stepping up to the podium to collect his winners' trophy, Dougie was obviously delighted with his evening's work. "With the World indoor championship nearly upon us again, it is good to get a chance to ride an indoor event. The Spanish are lucky as they have a whole domestic indoor series to keep their hand in, whilst the rest of us just have to pick up rides where ever we can."

    "This is my last competitive ride before Sheffield on the 29th of December, so it is great to finish off with a good win before I return to home soil. We have still got work to do, but the bike is improving all the time and tonight both Fuji and I have shown what it is capable of when we are riding well. I just hope I can produce a repeat performance in a few weeks time in front of eight thousand British fans."

    Dougie will be joined by Amos Bilbao this coming Sunday 3rd December, with both riders acting as instructors when British importers James Sandiford Motorcycles will mark the official launch of the 2007 Cota 4RT with a public test day at the Coniston Hotel, Coniston Cold near Skipton, North Yorkshire - Please call 0161 763 6660 for more details and to book your ride / tuition.

  1. 1: Dougie Lampkin (GBR-Montesa-HRC) 1 + 6 = 7
  2. 2: Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa-HRC) 6 + 11 = 17
  3. 3: Tadeusz Blazusiak (POL-Scorpa) 15 + 11 = 26
  4. 4: James Dabill (GBR-Beta) 20 + 10 = 30
  5. 5: Christophe Bruand (FRA-Sherco) 23 + 15 = 38
  6. 6: Daniel Gibert (SPA-Montesa) Retired due to injury