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Endangered Species - Megaphone Diplomacy - June 27th 2006

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    The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) is encouraging all motorcyclists to support Saturday's motorcycle demonstration in Birmingham that is aimed at changing the unfair European licensing proposals.

    Since the conception of the 3rd European Driving Licence Directive the European Commission and the Council of Ministers have shamelessly ignored the expert opinions of motorcyclists and their representatives and with the directive finally heading to the European Parliament later this year MAG hits the streets with the megaphone diplomacy that has characterised the group since 1973.

    MAG says that the hoops and hurdles of the proposed licence regime will discourage thousands from taking up motorcycling.

    The proposals will:

  1. Create unacceptable financial barriers to motorcycling without any guarantee of improving motorcycle safety.
  2. Discourage people from taking up motorcycling at a time when the environment is desperately in need of less harmful transport options.
  3. Encourage young riders to go outside the law to ride unrestricted bikes on a restricted licence.
  4. MAG's Director Of Public Affairs Trevor Baird says, "The European Institutions have tried to wear us down with the long drawn out process but our political lobby continues with amendments to be presented to the politicians deciding the future of motorcycling."

    Represented by the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA), the primary objectives that riders groups are aiming for is that the motorcycle aspects of the directive should be withdrawn or amended substantially to enable a more meaningful directive to be redrafted in full consultation with FEMA and its member organisations.

    Philip Bradbourn MEP said, "As a local MEP for Birmingham I am delighted to be part of the event. As a Member of the European Parliament's Transport Committee I have been working extensively with motorcycle groups to ensure that the proposals which are currently very prejudicial to motorcyclists in the UK are at the very least amended to make them more acceptable and failing that I will be trying to persuade colleagues to reject the whole proposal."

    MAG calls for all riders to hit the streets and join the demo. Camping facilities are provided at MAG's Heart of England motorcycle rally. Those wishing to camp should advise the organisers on 0870 7743 543.