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CCM's MD confirms that Short Track racing is a sport for all - May 29th 2006

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    Whilst CCM's assault on the Silkolene Short Track UK championship is spearheaded by ex speedway sensation Lee Complin, their involvement in the series is right through the ranks with CCM's Managing Director Gary Harthern also giving this new sport a try. Harthern an ex AMCA moto-x rider has not competed on a motorcycle for over a decade, but was inspired to go racing again with the advent of CCM's new flat track model the FT35.

    Offering the same adrenalin charged action as other forms of motorcycle sport, Short Track racing has the added advantage of being affordable and available to the majority rather than just the elite few. The short and sharp racing puts few physical demands on the rider, and the forgiving nature of the track offers a great learning platform for even the most inexperienced off road rider.

    Alongside the specialised machines that are raced, there are an extensive array of converted bikes mainly in the form of disguised moto-x and enduro of all shapes and sizes. This means for very little outlay, your once redundant off road bike can now be reborn as a competitive Short Track racer.

    Only as you progress will you find the need for more refined equipment. CCM's FT35R has already proved its pedigree with race wins in the UK series since its introduction earlier this year. It is this kind of instant success that has put demand so high for the road going version of the same bike, namely the FT35S.

    Commenting on his return to the race track, Harthern explained. "Most forms of off road racing demand a good level of physical fitness and regular practice sessions. This is OK if you have the time to commit to this kind of level, but if you don't then it leaves you pretty much beaten before you have even begun, which is not enjoyable."

    "The great thing about Short Track racing is that you can be competitive without much preparation. The format of the meeting means that you have got time to find your feet and build your speed . The input may be less, but the reward is in no way reduced, as the excitement of racing alongside ten other guys definitely satisfies even the biggest adrenalin appetite."

    "What ever type of CCM you own, you have not got any excuse not to come racing. With a few modifications you can be on the start line and racing with the rest of us. Then once you have got up to speed you can think about up grading to a real winning bike like the FT35R."

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