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2006 Isle Of Man TT Festival Day Two - May 30th 2006

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    The second evening of practice got underway on Monday evening at the Isle of Man TT, again in dry but windy conditions. Lougher got away early in the session onboard the Team Black Horse Supersport 600 machine, and was posting good sector times around the circuit.

    An unfortunate incident after Union Mills, some six miles into the lap, brought the session to a temporary hault. Lougher and other early starters were already advancing well on the lap when the incident occurred and continued their lap until being stopped as they returned to the paddock. The session being stopped so soon meant that many riders hadn't got away from the start line and they had to return to the paddock until the session could be restarted. Second Team Black Horse rider Mark Buckley was among this group of riders.

    With the session restarted over an hour later, solo riders were limited to one lap.

    Again Lougher got away early, this time onboard the Stobart Motorsport Honda Superbike, team mate Buckley putting in his lap on Team Black Horse Honda Supersport 600. At the close of the session Lougher had posted the third fastest time of the evening on the Stobart Honda Superbike and Mark had improved on his overall lap time from Saturday evening.


  1. 1: Finnegan Honda 18.38.32 121.457mph
  2. 2: Martin Yamaha 18.42.49 121.006mph
  3. 3: Lougher Honda 18.42.49mph
  4. 4: Rennie Kawasaki 19.19.75 117.118mph
  5. Supersport 600cc:

  6. 1: Martin Yamaha 19.19.55 118.055mph
  7. 2: Lougher Honda 19.15.31 117.568mph
  8. 3: Beattie Yamaha 19.36.17 115.483mph
  9. 4: Carswell Yamaha 20.00.55 113.139mph
  10. Ian Lougher: "I am already happy with the Team Black Horse Honda Supersport 600 machine even after only getting one lap on it. It's the same bike as I won Supersport TT race 'A' on last year. It feels like its on rails.

    Stuart Bland, technician from Stobart Motorsport, made some alterations to the Honda Superbike after Saturdays practice and we are definitely moving in the right direction to find a really good set-up"

    Mark Buckley: " I'm beginning to learn the circuit and know which corners come next. Ian has been giving me advice and things are falling into place, I've been steadily building up my pace and I'm really starting to enjoy it. I am happy with my progress and aim to keep knocking a couple of seconds of my lap times throughout the TT fortnight."

    The next practice session is on Tuesday 29th May roads close at 18.00hrs - Session starting 18.15hrs.