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World Indoor Trials Championship Barcelona, Spain - Round 4 - February 5th 2007

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    Dougie Lampkin finished in a creditable fourth place at the latest event in the 2007 World Indoor series, held at the famous Sant Jordi stadium. This fantastic facility, which forms part of the ex Olympic complex, sits high on the hill above the beautiful city of Barcelona and proves to be the perfect setting for the trial to celebrate its thirtieth birthday. Although Lampkin missed out on a place in the final, he takes great pride in beating both Raga and Cabestany, at what both Spanish riders could perhaps consider as their most important competition of the year.

    It is the eventual and clear winner Bou who does the damage to his more established compatriots by setting a standard in the heat that they know they cannot match. With Raga and Cabestany riding with their confidence destroyed, Dougie although not performing at his best, has a real chance of taking a place in the final. However his attempt to stay in touch with Fajardo, who eventually fills the last qualifying position, fades rapidly as the lap wears on.

    Lampkin's evening is quickly explained with his total of twenty two marks, consisting of four maximums and two dabs, the later of these being in the race as some dubiously secured wooden panel move beneath him as he attempts to turn at speed. From his own admission Dougie concedes that two of his fives 'were nowhere near', whilst his other two failures were 'so near, but yet so far'.

    Slightly frustrated by his overall performance, Lampkin is honest with his words of explanation. "On another night I might be almost happy with fourth place when you consider the opposition, but tonight that is nowhere near the truth. As I have said before, to qualify for the final and to get on the rostrum is what I aiming to do at each round, but tonight I was a million miles away from reaching that goal. It's a real disappointment, after having made it through to the final three last week in France. It would have been nice to do the same again here in Barcelona, with it being such an important land mark both for the trial and also for Montesa."

    Current championship standings:

  1. 1: Bou - 33
  2. 2: Raga - 27
  3. 3: Cabestany - 23
  4. 4: Fujinami - 22
  5. 5: Lampkin - 20
  6. 6: Fajardo - 19
  7. Dougie Lampkin's next event: Saturday 10TH February - Lisbon, Portugal Rnd 5 World Indoor Chp.