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MCI Advises Industry and Motorcycle World of Critical New European Legislation - February 6th 2007

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    The Motorcycle Industry has issued two new fact sheets on line at to raise awareness of the pending European Directives that are to be implemented in the UK.

    The Second and Third Driving Licence Directives will have a number of notable effects on the industry and it is important that dealers, manufacturers and trainers are fully informed to help them prepare for the future of their businesses.

    The Second European Driving Licence (2DLD) will come into force in September 2008 and will effect testing and training. Based on historical evidence, the MCI suggests that the number of people taking the test could significantly reduce, especially in the first year.

    Therefore the MCI is urging the industry to access the fact sheets and take action now to support existing markets by encouraging more new riders and to encourage new markets through highlighting motorcycling as the congestion- busting, freedom giving answer to Britain's increasingly crippled and expensive transport system.

    The Third Driving Licence Directive ( 3DLD), due in about 2012 brings sweeping changes to the motorcycle licence regime, In the future people will have to wait longer and until they're older to access certain machines over 125cc.

    Craig Carey-Clinch MCI's Director of Public Affairs said, "These Directives pose significant challenges to the industry, but there are also great opportunities. MCI's aim is to assist forward planning and improve knowledge about these Directives, so the industry is better placed to prepare itself for the changing motorcycling environment.

    "The legislation also provides an opportunity for us to think more about new markets and how to attract more people to an activity that can help reduce congestion, is cheaper than running a car, improves mobility for a range of people including youngsters and offers flexibility for people in rural areas.

    "In these times of soaring public transport costs and inefficiencies, coupled with increased traffic congestion and the possibility of more congestion and road user charges for car users, it is time that a strong message is sent out to the British public that motorcycling is the answer".