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Wet weather fails to stop Hawkstone Park International Moto-x - March 6th 2007

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    Unfortunately for visitors and competitors alike, the heavy rain predicted by the weather forecasters in the days prior to the event materialised as planned, and did its best to play havoc with the ninth edition of the Hawkstone Park International moto-x held throughout yesterday. Following the prolonged period of wet weather in the weeks before the meeting, there were fears that this season's opening competition would have to be cancelled. However thanks to the titanic efforts of Salop Motor Club and its helpers, just under eight thousand loyal and brave fans turned out to witness a great day of racing despite the severity of the elements.

    2006 vice World champion Kevin Strijbos from Belgium aboard his factory Suzuki dominated both MX1 races, as he twice defeated his fellow countryman Ken De Dycker, riding for the British based CAS Honda squad, on a circuit that at best could be described as very heavy and extremely demanding. Former vice World champion Josh Coppins took third place overall, with a pair of consistent results in conditions that perhaps did not best suit the New Zealander.

    The popular Irish rider Gordon Crockard, making his home debut on his PAR Honda, was the best of the British based competitors, taking seventh position overall for his efforts. Recovering from a recent injury Billy Mackenzie, who switched to the Motorex Kawasaki factory team over the winter, could only record one result of note as he took eighth place in the second MX1 moto after crashing in the first race.

    In terms of winners, it was a similar story in the smaller MX2 class with South African born Tyla Rattray taking the victory in both of his races to take the overall honours. Dutchman and sand specialist Erik Eggens - Suzuki - was the runner up in both MX2 motos and as a result was placed second in the overall standings on the day. The final podium position went to Britain's Tom Church - Molson Kawasaki who went 5 - 4 in what was the best home rider performance of the day. Red Bull KTM rider Tommy Searle could only manage fourth overall as he and reigning MX2 British champion Carl Nunn both crashed in the first MX2 moto.

    It was Nunn's crash in the Grand Final, where the best riders from the two classes are brought together, that caused a premature end to the day's action, with the race being stopped to remove the injured rider from the track. The delay caused by this stoppage saw the arrival of torrential rain, which meant that the unfortunate decision not to re-run the grand final was taken on the grounds of safety. Nunn injuries are reported not to be serious.

    Finally Salop Motor club would like to say a massive 'Thank You', to everyone who helped to make it all happen once again, and who are too numerous to list on this page.

    Moto One MX1:

  1. 1. Kevin Strijbos
  2. 2. Ken de Dycker
  3. 3. Joshua Coppins
  4. 4. Max Nagl
  5. 5. Marc de Reuver
  6. Moto Two MX1:

  7. 1. Kevin Strijbos
  8. 2. Ken de Dycker
  9. 3. Marc de Reuver
  10. 4. Josh Coppins
  11. 5. Max Nagl
  12. MX1 Overall:

  13. 1. Kevin Strijbos 60
  14. 2. Ken De Dycker 54
  15. 3. Josh Coppins 48
  16. 4. Marc de Reuver 46
  17. 5. Max Nagl 44
  18. Moto One MX2

  19. 1. Tyla Rattray
  20. 2. Erik Eggens
  21. 3. Martin Barr
  22. 4. Marcus Schiffer
  23. 5. Tom Church
  24. Moto Two MX2:

  25. 1. Tyla Rattray
  26. 2. Erik Eggens
  27. 3. Tommy Searle
  28. 4. Tom Church
  29. 5. Carl Nunn
  30. MX2 Overall:

  31. 1. Tyla Rattray 60
  32. 2. Erik Eggens 54
  33. 3. Tom Church 46
  34. 4. Tommy Searle 40
  35. 5. Martin Barr 40
  36. More information about Salop Motor Club and Hawkstone Park moto-x circuit can be found on the club's official website -