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New MV Agusta F4 R312 - March 9th 2007

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    The new F4 R312 from MV Agusta

    The new F4 R312 from MV Agusta is the result of developments on the track; "three hundred and twelve" is the top speed in kmh (194 mph). With the F4 1000 R MV Agusta was the protagonist last season in the FIM Superstock 1000 Cup production series. Unlike others, it is style that adds to the MV machines lined up on the starting grid. However it is not just its streamlined elegant looks or prestigious name, this time it is also a record holder - 312 km/h (194mph) is the fastest recorded top speed for a production motorcycle.

    To win on the track you always need more speed. This is why the production MV F4 1000 R 312 now has an evolved professional suspension system. Huge 50 mm Marzocchi forks provide all the stability that an incredibly powerful bike needs. The forks are carbon-nitride treated and feature 13 compression and 22 rebound settings. The Sachs monoshock absorber has double hydraulic compression settings to deal with acceleration stress. Compression settings can relate to high-speed use for tracks that have small uneven sections on the curves and for low speed handling to make shock absorption more progressive on accelerating out of a bend. The real beauty of monoshock absorbers is the fact that they offer spring preload options. To improve the gyroscopic effect of a motorbike that wants to be "Top Gun" has meant super light-forged Y- spoke aluminium Brembo wheels fitted with 190-section tyres, of which a full 6 inches come in contact with the ground at the rear. Brembo brakes on the R312 with 320 mm front discs provide progressive and powerful stopping power with P4/34 radial callipers.

    The F4 R 312 puts out over 180 HP at 12,400 rpm. This too is a record for a motorcycle that complies with tough new Euro 3 emissions limits. It is the result of painstaking development work on the 4-cylinder MV engine with special work done to the cylinder head.

    New 30 mm Del West titanium valves with reinforced springs were fitted and cams given redesigned raised profiles. Throttle bodies had their inner diameters increased from 46 to 48 mm and longer intake horns were fitted. All this provided an increase of 8 HP over the standard F4, "sweetened" by the Magneti Marelli 5 SM Eprom Flash Memory CPU that not only manages the power output but also the EBS (Engine Brake System) too. A solenoid valve that allows the second cylinder to provide power even on deceleration with the valves closed controls this anti-bounce system.

    The MV F4 100 R312 also gets a distinctive colour scheme - an innovative white livery that highlights the geometric form of the machine, "Bodoni" black that leads for style and elegance and lastly, the classic MV Agusta red/silver. The MV Agusta F4 1000 R312 sells for 14,750 OTR (monoposto) and 14.950 (biposto).