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Max Biaggi On Home Soil At Monza - May 10th 2007

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    The sixth round of this year's Superbike World Championship takes place at the legendary Monza circuit and it will be the first 'home' race for Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra rider Max Biaggi.

    The Italian has never raced at Monza at either World Superbike or MotoGP level, so the 5.792 kilometre track is going to be a very new experience for him. Last year Monza was not a happy hunting ground for Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra rider Yukio Kagayama: He crashed early on in race one, after James Toseland highsided right next to him and was forced to retire with mechanical problems.

    Max Biaggi:

    "Racing at Monza will be a new experience for me for two reasons: first, I have never ridden a Superbike there before and second, it will be the first time I will be racing a Superbike in Italy. I know that there will be extra attention on me from the Italian media particularly, but once I am on the bike I concentrate on what has to be done and do not let outside influences get in the way. For me, it's not hard to focus on the work and Monza will be no exception. I will be at a disadvantage compared to the SBK regulars because they have all raced at Monza before and will have greater track knowledge then me. But normally I learn tracks pretty fast and I think I will be ok. I know that Monza is famous for slipstreaming and it is definitely something I need to be aware of in the races. But my first task is to learn the track, get a good bike set-up, and then go fast. That's my goal."

    Yukio Kagayama:

    "I would prefer to forget about Monza last year and think positively about this year. I must get better results this year for sure - as I don't believe that I can have the same bad luck as last year. The crash in the first race was strange. Toseland high-sided right next to me and I could not avoid hitting him. But the impact of our collision caused him to land back on his bike, whereas I hit the tarmac and that was that! Second race was a technical problem, so no more to say. This year is still not going as I expect. I have had crashes, bad luck and some technical things to sort out but I feel I must be due for some good results soon. Maybe Monza can be a change of fortune for me. I hope so, because I need it!"