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Fatal crashes up; policy failure confirmed - May 10th 2007

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    New 'provisional' figures released today by Department for Transport indicate a rise in fatal road accidents in 2006. Safe Speed says that these figures confirm a growing crisis in road safety caused by 'bad policy'.

    Paul Smith, founder of, said: "Fatal crashes should NOT be up. We know we're putting safer cars on the roads every year; we know we're continuing to improve road engineering and we know we continue to improve at post crash care and rescue. In the past these factor drove down road risks very markedly, with deaths falling year after year."

    "Our extensive research indicates one clear cause - drivers are getting worse under the influence of bad road safety policy."

    "Modern road safety policy, particularly speed cameras, criminalises millions and increases road deaths. We need new policies based on skill and attitudes, and we needed them over a decade ago. Thousands have died needlessly because life saving resources have been squandered."