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Motorcycle Sales Strong As Summer Approaches - June 11th 2007

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    Statistics released by the Motor Cycle Industry Association for May 2007 reveal sales are strong for the month and for the year-to-date, with registrations up around 10% overall.

    The motorcycle market is notably strong compared to the car market where sales are down 2% in May and only up 2% for the year to date figure.

    The growth appears to be across all engine sizes and all styles, except Trail/Enduro. This sector has been under pressure from changes to regulations about access to green-lanes and use of land for off-road recreation so has possibly been effected by these political influences.

    Highest growth is among bikes over 1,000cc. The smaller capacity bikes have performed well and there has been an increase sales, with a 16% growth in May for the 51-125cc engine band.

    Custom and Naked are showing the strongest growth among styles, the top-selling of these occupy a wide-range of engine sizes.

    The best selling individual models are mostly SuperSport machines, but Sports bikes represent about the same proportion as Scooters. Moped and Motorcycle Scooters account for 27% of all Powered Two Wheelers compared to 29% for SuperSport and SportTour combined.

    Used bike transactions were also up 8% in the first quarter of 2007, suggesting sustained interest in motorcycling generally.

    Craig Carey-Clinch. MCI's Director of Public Affairs said " The market remains healthy despite rises in interest rates and inflation, roughly matched by rising incomes, especially house-price inflation. New and used bikes sales are strong at a time when there are many financial pressures on household incomes, showing that people are still enjoying two-wheels and potentially new riders are coming on board to enjoy the benefits too."