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Advice on buying your child's first motorcycle from Harglo Performance - May 14th 2007

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    Harglo Performance has produced a free guide for parents looking to get young children started on their first motorcycle.

    The company is well qualified to offer advice, as over the past 30 years it has sold thousands of mini motorcycles to customers throughout the UK.

    The influx of cheap mini motos and pit bikes from China combined with an explosion in the number of Internet-based sellers has left many parents facing a bewildering choice of bikes.

    Harglo has used its experience to turn the decision-making process into 3 easy steps and to help parents to figure out when, where and what your child should ride.

    There are many reasons why parents want to introduce their children to motorcycling at an early age. It will undoubtedly give them a fantastic opportunity to learn how to control a mechanically propelled vehicle long before they are old enough to qualify for a licence and first venture onto public roads. For some their first ride could lead to greater things. Multiple MotoGP Champion Valentino Rossi is reputed to have first ridden a motorcycle aged two years and American Moto-X superstar Ricky Carmichael started out at three. Whether riding for sport or leisure, a good quality mini bike will provide years of entertainment and an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children in the fresh air. However, these are proper motor vehicles, not toys, and for many parents buying one will be an investment that requires serious thought.

    The guide is available to read on line or can be downloaded from the Harglo website,