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Successful test at Misano for Yamaha - May 17th 2007

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    Today the Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team finished a two-day test hot on the heels of last weekend's races at Monza. Following on from Haga's double win at Monza the team went straight to the Misano circuit on the Adriatic coast of Italy where they participated in a private test alongside key riders from Ducati, Kawasaki and DFX Honda.

    The focus of the two-day session was for the team to test various new parts and for the riders to learn the new Misano circuit. From 2007 races at Misano will now go the other way round the track in a bid to increase safety as well as the racing excitement. This effectively means a whole new track for the riders to learn.

    Corser had a successful two days taking the second fastest unofficial time both days just behind Bayliss. Having lapped a 1'36.6 on day one he went on to take a second off his time the next day to do a 1'35.6. Following on from his double win last weekend, Haga was fifth fastest on day one and went over a second quicker on day two as he learnt the track and made progress with setting up the new parts.

    The team is now confident of fully utilizing the new parts to get the best out of the all-new 2007 R1 at the seventh round of the championship at Silverstone in just over a week's time.

    Troy Corser (Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team);

    "The test has proved very valuable. We got the chance to test all the new parts we wanted including engine, chassis and suspension items as well as trying different tyres. I feel that the past two days have helped us start to resolve the problems I encountered at Monza. We have focused on doing race distances and we have done a lot of laps. It has been tiring but I am fairly happy with my lap times considering this.

    The test was also very good for learning the new Misano circuit and where the bumps are, which is everywhere! I have also got a good idea of what race setting to use for the Misano race which isn't far away."

    Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team);

    "I am very tired as we have come straight from Monza to Misano but even so the test has been good. The circuit now goes the other way and we have not ridden it like this before so it was good to learn where all the bumps are. We tested various new engine parts which were good although we could do with more time to really get the best out of them. So far, so good though."

    Massimo Meregalli (Team Coordinator - Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team);

    "The test has gone well - both riders have done many laps and the team has worked hard even though everyone is tired after Monza. We managed to test all the parts including a variable intake system which is also used on the production R1. The test has given us some invaluable time to get the system set up right for each rider. We also tested different mapping settings and Troy focused on engine braking as this was a problem for him at Monza. I am happy with the results and we have got some good data and information which is bound to help us at Silverstone."

    Fastest times (both days combined):

  1. Troy Bayliss (Ducati) 1'35"3
  2. Troy Corser (Yamaha) 1'35"6
  3. Lorenzo Lanzi (Ducati) 1'35"9
  4. Noriyuki Haga (Yamaha) 1'36"6
  5. Ruben Xaus (Ducati) 1'36"8
  6. Fonsi Nieto (Kawasaki) 1'36"9
  7. Regis Laconi (Kawasaki) 1'37"1
  8. Michel Fabrizio (Honda) 1'38"2
  9. Marco Borciani (Ducati) 1'39"0
  10. Mauro Sanchini (Kawasaki) 1'39"0