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World Outdoor Trials Championship La Antigua, Guatemala - Round 2, Day 2 - April 23rd 2007

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    Dougie Lampkin today took another fourth place on the second of the two days of competition in Guatemala. However, the result did not belie the effort and performance from the Englishman, who narrowly missed out on a podium position with a final score tied with that of his team mate Takahisa Fujinami, but losing out on the tie break, thanks to having one less clean than the Japanese rider.

    Lampkin was clearly back on top form for the second run through the riverbed sections, despite the temperature being even higher than Saturday. The day had dawned clearer than the previous, but the baking heat and the thousands of spectators who turned out to watch the World championship riders compete in Guatemala for the first time, certainly didn't make the running any easier.

    Dougie was one of only three riders who cleaned section six, a particularly testing earth bank climb over a selection of tree roots and rocks, to gain an early advantage, thanks to the torque of his factory Cota. With a couple of dabs and a three in the tricky eleventh hazard, which climbed up a rocky river bed, Lampkin ended the first lap in third place, just two points behind Adam Raga in second.

    His run of form continued on the second lap, scoring fewer marks than the first. However, Fujinami dropped even less marks, including a single dab in section eleven, against Dougie's three and by the end of the second lap, both Lampkin and Fujinami were on fourteen marks, over twenty marks ahead of their nearest rival. However, the tie break eventually went Fujinami's way and Dougie was denied the podium position that his ride had deserved.

    Lampkin commented. "Today was a much better ride for me. My biggest problem yesterday was that I took three fives, but today, I didn't record a single one. But I have to say, I'm a little disappointed that I lost the podium position to Takahisa on the tie-break, as I didn't feel that the ride deserved fourth place. Of course, I'm happy with the result, but on any other day, a ride like that would have taken a win. With four riders all scoring such low marks, it just goes to show how competitive this season is going to be."

    Current championship standings:

  1. 1: Bou - 60
  2. 2: Raga - 49
  3. 3: Fujinami - 45
  4. 4: Lampkin - 41
  5. 5: Cabestany - 31
  6. Dougie Lampkin's next event: 27/05/07 Sunday - Senez, France Rnd 3 World Outdoor Chp.