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Scrap speed cameras petition, 23,500 and rising - May 26th 2007

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    The Safe Speed campaign official 'Scrap Speed Cameras' petition on the 10 Downing Street web site has attracted over 23,500 signatures and has one month left to run.

    It is presently the 8th most frequently signed petition out of 7,387 open petitions and closes on the 26th June (2007).

    Paul Smith, founder of, said: "Speed cameras have been a road safety disaster, supported only by official spin, seriously dodgy statistics and vested interests. We will not be able to get road safety back on track until speed cameras have been scrapped. The problem is that speed cameras come with very serious negative side effects. We have published a report that lists 40 such side effects, [1] but Department for Transport have cancelled their research into the side effects.

    "Some of the negative side effects bear directly on driver quality, while official research cites declining driver quality as the cause of our extremely disappointing road safety performance in recent years [2]. Safe Speed research clearly demonstrates the links between 'bad road safety policy', itself founded on speed cameras, and declining driver quality."

    "I urge everyone who cares about road safety to examine the facts and sign the petition."

    "We must scrap speed cameras for safety's sake. We have to stop chasing rainbows and concentrate on the things that matter. Road user quality is our most precious road safety asset by far - and speed camera are damaging it badly."

    "I'd like to thank everyone who has signed the petition, but 10 Downing Street are all set to deny me the opportunity to email them."