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Brunstom's final blunder - April 27th 2007

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    Further details are emerging about the hideous photographs displayed yesterday by Chief Constable Brunstrom. Safe Speed says this is so seriously ill-judged that it must end his career.

  1. The biker was photographed by a speed camera van driving recklessly at 125mph at 10am and died 6 hours later at 4pm.
  2. North Wales Police did nothing
  3. The crash took place on 14th September 2003 - when Mr Brunstrom's policies were in full swing.
  4. The biker's name was Mark Gibney. He was riding with no licence, no insurance and an altered registration mark.
  5. Paul Smith, founder of, said: "Brunstrom is the architect of modern speed camera policy, but he's a blundering buffoon. The policy was wrong from the start and has failed to save lives.

    "This latest epic blunder will surely be his last. It's impossible to understand how he might survive it. Brunstrom must go and go now."

    "Speed camera policy didn't save this biker or anyone else. Proper roads policing prevents dangerous driving, but speed cameras don't. Speed cameras have failed as a policy and they must go."