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Aprilia ETV 1000 Caponord

The intention behind the CAPONORD was to design a bike capable of delivering standard-setting performance and power in conjunction with sensational handling and top level riding comfort and safety.

The APRILIA ETV 1000 CAPONORD has been upgraded in terms of appearance, by adopting, for the front section (front fairing and panels), the design of the RALLY version presented in the 2003, which had been redesigned so as to reduce the overall size of the motorbike.

The new line even further emphasises the modernity and the visual lightness of the CAPONORD, which in this way has become more streamlined, sporting and electrifying, despite having maintained the class and personality that this motorbike has always worn well.

In the same mould, the brand-new front indicators, installed on the motorbike without affecting its clear and appealing style. All, clearly, while always highlighting the aerodynamic protection factor, which has been emphasised by the designers.

The lower part of the dashboard is new, and now covers the fuse box and the spoiler underneath the headlight. The front and rear indicators have also been borrowed from the RALLY RAID. Another component involved in the restyling is the silencer, thanks to the use, for the first time, of anodised aluminium guards that also help reduce weight. As standard are the new handguards in the same colour as the fairing, useful as protection against obstacles, stones and bad weather (cold, water, hail).

The exclusive aluminium spar frame has been confirmed, while the suspension has seen some changes: more rigid springs on the fork, the same fitted on the CAPONORD RALLY, but with a different preload setting. In addition, the hydraulic brake on the fork has been modified. In this way, the behaviour of the motorbike has been improved, both under full load and for a sporting ride, so as to limit excessive lowering of the front section (with less transfer of weight) during hard braking.

The SACHS single rear shock absorber has also been reviewed, with changes made in terms of the internal components. The front braking system has been taken en masse from the RALLY. Specifically, it should be highlighted that on all the versions of the CAPONORD (basic, ABS and RALLY RAID) the front disks are semi floating. This is combined, upon request, with the new feature for 2004 of the ABS system, all of which provides the motorbike significant added value in terms of safety.

The modifications made to the 2004 CAPONORD include changes to the side stand, to the benefit of lovers of a sporting ride and maximum lean, allowing much greater leaning angles when cornering.

The Aprilia ETV 1000 is the first "trail" bike in the world fitted with a perimeter frame consisting of a double beam with variable geometry (Double Wave Aluminium Beam). The frame is made from extrusions boxed in aluminium alloy, coupled with cast parts in aluminium and magnesium alloy. This guarantees the highest torsional rigidity coefficient in its category.

The rear swingarm, again made from aluminium and magnesium alloy, has a cast shell-shaped central section with extruded arms and forged terminals.

The suspension assembly is the same as that used in large racing enduros. The calibrations have however been carried out in order to always guarantee the highest comfort under all conditions, both on paved roads and dirt tracks.

  1. 50 mm Marzocchi long travel fork (175 mm). The changes made include the calibration of the hydraulic brake and the fitting of a spring with variable rigidity: harder than in the previous version from mid to end travel. The end-travel load has been increased by
  2. 16%.
  3. SACHS single shock absorber at the rear, (reviewed), adjustable in rebound and preload, with APS (Aprilia Progressive System). The possibility to adjust the rear suspension (by means of a handy and practical external knob) allows the user to adapt the trim of the motorbike to all possible situations, from "full load" to off-road configuration

    BREMBO brakes with Freudenberg brake lines (that ensure the same performance and characteristics of braided lines). Stainless steel double front disk, diameter 300 m, now floating, with floating two-pot callipers with differentiated diameter (32 and 30 mm); this improves both the feeling and the response during braking, better absorbing flexions during off-road use. Rear stainless steel disk, diameter 272 mm and calliper with two opposing pistons (diameter 34 mm).

    ABS: one of the main new features for the 2004 version of the CAPONORD is the possibility to fit, upon request, the antilock braking system. The ABS system has been designed with the possibility to be disengaged manually using a backlit button on the dashboard. A light tells the when the system is operational. This system has been designed in collaboration with BREMBO, and uses a BOSCH ABS 5M control unit with double sensors mounted on the phonic wheels. The hydraulic lines are flexible BH DOT in braided metal with internal PTFE lining. These high quality materials minimise pressure drop due to the compression of the lines, thus ensuring that the performance of the brakes remains constant at all times.

    The Aprilia ETV 1000 CAPONORD is fitted as standard with exclusive and patented Tubeless Spokes Rims, allowing tubeless tyres to be fitted and thus meaning enormous advantages in terms of active safety. These are particularly light rims, and both the external profiles and the hubs (shell-shaped casts with hollow core) are hollow so as to minimise the weight and at the same time increase structural rigidity. The special spoke arrangement on the rims, together with large diameter wheel spindles (25 mm on the front and 20 mm on the rear) ensures very high flexional rigidity of the wheel assembly, fundamental for stability when cornering at high speed.

    The 60 V-twin engine is one of the many strong points of the CAPONORD. This derives from the engine used on the RSV, however with major changes to make it suitable for touring use. In this version, the APRILIA V2 demonstrates all its versatility. Powerful and aggressive on the RSV, on the CAPONORD it is extremely fluid and elastic, with smooth delivery of power and an exceptionally flat and linear torque curve.

  1. Longitudinal 60 V twin engine (short and compact), with four valves per cylinder timing and double cam shaft in the cylinder head, controlled by a mixed chain and gear system;
  2. Sagem electronic fuel injection system. The control unit has the engine shaft position sensor that reads the position each 10 of rotation. This ensures greater control over the engine parameters, meaning smoother operation, above all at low revs. Tick-over is managed automatically, with feedback (the starter lever is no longer present).
  3. CDI type ignition with sparking of the air-petrol mixture by the TSI (Twin Spark Ignition) system, using two spark plugs per cylinder. Ignition is controlled by the engine's integrated control system which also controls injection (completely different from the unit that is fitted on the RSV1000).
  4. Dry crank case lubrication. With the dry crankcase system, the engine block can be more rigid and compact than with a "wet crankcase" system, totally eliminating the risk of poor engine lubrication during sudden acceleration/declaration, falls, or wheelies.
  5. Different injection mapping for the two cylinders so as to optimise combustion in each cylinder. The control unit is capable of recognising the manoeuvres of acceleration and release of the throttle command. It varies the parameters of fuel injection and sparking of the air-petrol mixture, so as to have the most fluid delivery possible (Dynamic Ignition Advance Control)

    The exhaust system is the same used on the RALLY version. Made entirely from stainless steel and fitted with double three-way catalytic converter and Lambda probe with adjustment of the oxygen. All in compliance with the Euro 2 emission standards. In addition, the exhaust is fitted with the same aluminium guards fitted on the off-road CAPONORD: the resulting advantages are weight reduction and improved appearance. The position and volume of the terminals has been determined after in-depth aerodynamic and ridability analysis.

    The CAPONORD also features the following exclusive Aprilia patents:

  1. the AVDC (Anti-Vibration Double Countershaft) double balancing countershaft system. This technical solution drastically reduces the level of engine vibrations, with evident advantages in terms the riding comfort and smoothness of delivery.
  2. the power-assisted hydraulic controlled clutch covered by the PPC (Pneumatic Power Clutch) patent to control rear wheel bounce. This is an hydraulic servo mechanism whose main purpose is to stop the wheel from sliding when dropping down through the gears, as well as reducing fatigue on the rider's hand due to the lower effort required to operate the clutch lever.

    The engine on the APRILIA ETV 1000 CAPONORD delivers 98 HP (72 kW) at the shaft at 8250 revs (measured with ECE correction) and has a maximum torque of 9.68 kgm (95 Nm) at 6250 RPM.

    The ergonomics, the comfort of the rider and the passenger, and aerodynamic protection have guided the development of the motorbike so as to ensure that even more demanding trips can be completed with the minimum fatigue. In this regard, the riding position on the CAPONORD 2004 has been slightly modified, and is now more modern, with the handlebars raised by 5 mm. In addition, handguards have been added, to protect against the cold, bad weather and objects such as branches or stones.

    The height of the saddle from the ground (820 mm) represents the right balance for all sizes of riders. However, "oversize" or shorter riders can also be comfortably positioned on one of the two alternative Aprilia saddles: 800 and 860 mm.

    The aerodynamic protection is perfect at all speeds, thanks to the large-size fairing and the special conformation of the frame and tank, which shield the rider's knees and legs. Thus, long journeys are possible in total comfort. The aerodynamics of the motorbike have been studied at length in wind tunnels at the University of Perugia, Italy. As a result, the coefficient of aerodynamic penetration (CX) improves when the rider is on board and in an upright position, as opposed to the motorbike on its own or with the rider in a position stretched out behind the fairing.

    Special care has been paid to all the components fitted on the APRILIA ETV 1000 CAPONORD.

  1. The dashboard consists of two analogue instruments and a multi-functional digital panel, which is clear and easy to read. The panel indicates: time, ambient temperature, water temperature in the cooling circuit, level of fuel remaining. The panel also shows, with the message "service", when service check-ups are required. A service code shows any possible malfunctioning of the injection system (which is also signalled by a special warning light). Visibility is ensured by the size of the instruments and by the blue back-lighting (adjustable to 3 levels of intensity).
  2. "Free-form" multifocal front headlight with complex-surface parabolas. The headlight is adjustable on both the vertical axis (using a screw) and on the horizontal axis (using a knob located inside the front fairing).
  3. Highly resistant removable steel subframe.
  4. The passenger's saddle, if not in use, may be removed. Thus a large carrying surface is created. Even when the passenger's saddle is not present, the glove compartment can be locked, thanks to a special attachment in the lid.
  5. Practical 12 volt power point for interphone, accessories, etc.
  6. The side stand has been modified to increase the angle of lean when cornering.

    For the 2004 model of the ETV CAPONORD, three colour/graphic schemes have been designed, which highlight the proverbial sporting elegance of the Aprilia maxi trail: Titan GREY (new); Hilton BLUE (new); Dust Grey.

    The CAPONORD is Aprilia's globe trotter, designed for maximum versatility in all situations. That is why Aprilia provides such a wide range of dedicated touring accessories.

  1. ETV CAPONORD panniers complete with mounting rack.
  2. Tank bag with back pack shoulder straps.
  3. Centre stand.
  4. Aprilia Body Guard armoured cable lock.
  5. Low rider seat (800 mm).

    Furthermore, there is also the possibility of fitting many of the standard components from the special Rally Raid version. These include:

  1. Pair of aluminium cases, complete with mounting racks and locks (capacity of 40 litres each).
  2. Aluminium top case, complete with mounting rack and locks (capacity 30 litres).
  3. Heated handgrip kit plus "4 indicators" (emergency lights)
  4. Front headlight grill (not approved for road use).
  5. Raised black rider saddle (860 mm) for taller riders.
  6. Raised black passenger saddle.
  7. Carbon and aluminium sump guard.
  8. Fairing protection kit (R and L)
  9. Aluminium handlebar kit with bi-conical cross-section.
  10. Wider profile front mudguard.
  11. Fork spring kit.
  12. Rear suspension kit.
  13. Handguard kit (can be fitted on models up to and including the 2003 version).

    APRILIA ETV 1000 CAPONORD - Technical specifications

  1. ENGINE - Longitudinal 60 V twin four stroke, with patented AVDC system (Anti-Vibration Double Countershaft)
  2. FUEL - 95 RON lead-free
  3. COOLING - Liquid cooling with three-way pressurised circuit.
  4. BORE AND STROKE - 97 x 67.5 mm
  5. TOTAL DISPLACEMENT - 997.62 cc
  7. VALVE TIMING - Double overhead cam with mixed gear/chain timing drive, four valves per cylinder.
  8. MAXIMUM POWER AT CRANKSHAFT - 98 HP (72 kW) at 8,250 r.p.m..
  9. MAXIMUM TORQUE AT CRANKSHAFT - 9.88 kgm (97 Nm) at 6,250 r.p.m.
  10. FUEL INJECTION - Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multi-point electronic injection. Lambda sensor in exhaust system. 47 mm diameter throttle bodies. IGNITION Digital electronic ignition with TSI (Twin Spark Ignition) with two spark plugs per cylinder. Ignition timing integrated in the injection control system. DIAC (Dynamic Ignition Advance Control) electronically controlled ignition timing.
  11. STARTER - Electric starter
  12. LUBRICATION - Dry sump with separate oil reservoir. Double trochoidal pump with oil cooler.
  13. PRIMARY DRIVE - Straight toothed gears. Transmission ratio: 60/31 (1.935)
  14. GEARBOX - 6 speed. Transmission ratios:
  15. 1st 35/14 (2.5), 2nd 28/16 (1.75), 3rd 26/19 (1.368), 4th 24/22 (1.091), 5th 22/23 (0.957), 6th 23/27 (0.852)
  16. SECONDARY DRIVE - Chain. Transmission ratio: 45/17
  17. CLUTCH - Multiple disk in oil bath with patented PPC power-assisted hydraulic control. Freudenberg clutch line.
  18. EXHAUST - 2 in 1 in 2" type, with 2 stainless steel silencers, each fitted with 3-way catalytic converter.
  19. FRAME - Double Wave Twin Beam frame in aluminium-magnesium alloy. Removable high strength steel seat mount frame.
  20. DIMENSIONS - Maximum length 2,290 mm
  21. Maximum width - 876 mm (at handlebars)
  22. Maximum height - 1436 mm (at windshield)
  23. Seat height - 820 mm
  24. Handlebar height - 1,115 mm
  25. Wheelbase - 1,544 mm
  26. Trail - 129 mm
  27. Steering angle - 27.9
  28. FRONT SUSPENSION - Marzocchi 50 mm hydraulic action telescopic fork. 175 mm wheel travel.
  29. REAR SUSPENSION - Aluminium alloy swing-arm. APS (Aprilia Progressive System) linkage. Sachs hydraulic single shock absorber with adjustable rebound and spring preload.
  30. Wheel travel - 185 mm.
  32. Front - Brembo floating stainless steel double disk, dia. 300 mm. Floating two-pot calliper with differential diameter, 32 and 30 mm. Semi-metallic brake pads. Rear:
  33. Brembo stainless steel disk, dia. 270 mm. Two-pot calliper, diameter 34 mm.
  34. BRAKING SYSTEM, ABS VERSION. Control unit: Brembo/Bosch ABS 5M with dual Bosch DF11 sensor.
  35. Front - Brembo floating stainless steel double disk, dia. 300 mm. Floating two-pot calliper with differential diameter, 32 and 30 mm. Semi-metallic brake pads.
  36. Rear - Brembo stainless steel disk, dia. 270 mm. Two-pot calliper, diameter 34 mm. BH DOT flexible brake lines with metal braiding and inside lining in PTFE, mixed rigid steel pipe.
  37. WHEELS - Rims: Patented Tubeless Spokes Rim for tubeless tyres
  38. Front - 2.50 X 19"
  39. Rear - 4.00 X 17"
  40. Tyres - Radial tubeless;
  41. Front - 110 / 80 VR 19
  42. Rear - 150 / 70 VR 17
  44. MAXIMUM ALL-UP WEIGHT - Motorcycle + Rider + Passenger + luggage 458 kg
  45. TANK - Capacity 25 litres, 5 litre reserve