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Aprilia Futara RS TouringAprilia Futara RS Touring

The design objective behind the development of the Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 was to create a motorcycle that combines sports performance with touring ergonomics and riding comfort, in other words to create the first true "sports tourer".

The heart of the Futura is the same prestigious V twin that powers all Aprilia's maxi sports machines, and is the most powerful twin cylinder engine in the sport touring class. Derived from the power unit of the RSV supersport, the engine has been specially tuned for road touring. This unit is now universally recognised as the best possible engine for sport touring (thanks to the excellent combination of ridability, performance and pleasure it delivers). Alternative multi-cylinder machines simply cannot compare with the Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 for sheer riding pleasure.

The chassis, including Aprilia's exclusive and acclaimed aluminium alloy twin-spar frame and the brand new single member swing-arm, not only give the Futura tremendous visual impact but also help the rider enjoy better sports riding in complete safety. For the same reason the fully adjustable suspensions can be set up quickly and easily to match any road surface conditions. The Futura's ergonomics, riding position and wind protection are all unbeatable and permit even the longest journeys to be tackled without rider or passenger fatigue. The bike's load carrying capacity has also been carefully designed for maximum versatility and for the best possible integration of the panniers in the bike's aerodynamic shape.

The form of the new FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 is the result of Aprilia's accurate technical and stylistic design work. Each individual component has been designed to enhance the bike's power, speed, and aerodynamic penetration. But the FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 is not just a pretty face! Everything on the bike has also been designed with maximum rider control and rider and passenger comfort in mind. The Futura's ultra-modern design features an aggressive, streamlined and aerodynamic fairing, and a large, comfortable seat. The single member swing-arm and innovative triangular section under-seat exhaust also add touches of unparalleled class.

Nothing has been left to chance on the Futura. The under-seat exhaust allows the panniers to be fitted close in to the bike's chassis, significantly reducing width and the annoying turbulence that comes with it. The direction indicators are integrated in the rear view mirrors. The instrumentation, designed for functionality and elegance, provides quickly and clearly all the information the rider needs. The fuel filler cap is offset to the right of the tank to facilitate refuelling with the bike on its side stand.

Like most Aprilia machines, the Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 has been thoroughly tested in the wind tunnel to eliminate turbulence and guarantee unbeatable wind protection for the rider and passenger alike.

The FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 is powered by the Aprilia "V990" 60 V twin, acclaimed as the standard setter for performance reliability, compact size and light weight. In the Futura this power unit really shows just how versatile it is in adapting to all types of motorcycle riding. Thoroughly modified (with respect to the RSV Mille and SL Falco) the RS Touring's power unit delivers impressive performance and exceptional levels of smoothness and fluidity, making the Futura an easy and satisfying machine to ride.

The twin cylinder engine is also part of European motorcycling heritage, delivers unbeatable riding pleasure, and perfectly matches the FUTURA RS TOURING 1000's handling characteristics.

The Futura's power unit features the same technical characteristics that have already won world-wide acclaim:>/p>

  1. - Longitudinal 60 V twin design with four valves per cylinder and double overhead cams with mixed chain and gear timing drive.
  2. Electronic fuel injection system specifically designed for the RS Touring.
  3. CDI capacitor discharge ignition combined with Twin Spark Ignition (TSI ) with two spark plugs per cylinder. Ignition timing is controlled by the same integrated engine management system that also controls fuel injection.
  4. Dry sump lubrication, for a more rigid and compact sump than wet sump engines, with no risk of lubrication failure during fierce acceleration, braking and wheelies. The Futura's lubrication system is equipped with a second trochoidal pump on the return line, a separate oil reservoir, and an oil cooler mounted in front of the engine.
  5. Mixed gear/chain valve timing drive with the two drive gears (one per timing chain) located in the engine block to reduce cylinder head dimensions.

    Just like the RSV Mille, the FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 also incorporates the following exclusive Aprilia patents:

  1. AVDC (Anti Vibration Double Countershaft) system.
  2. Hydraulic clutch assisted by the patented PPC (Pneumatic Power Clutch) system to control rear wheel bounce.

    Intensive Aprilia research and development have led to impressive results with this engine, including:

  1. Improved power delivery for touring use without diminishing the riding pleasure typical of a high performance V-twin.
  2. Good power even at very low revs, eliminating the need to work the gears and clutch when coming out of bends, in traffic, and at low speeds.

    These exceptional results are also the result of dedicated technical solutions like:

  1. throttle bodies specially designed for improved torque. The throttle bodies themselves are 51 mm in diameter (as on the RSV), but the intake manifold immediately after the throttles has been carefully designed to give smoother power and torque at low engine speeds, and an even higher maximum torque value.
  2. Sagem electronic fuel injection system. The Sagem control unit features a crankshaft position sensor with a resolution of only 10 degrees of crank rotation. This gives far better control over the engine and delivers a far more fluid response especially at low revs. Idling speed control is now fully automatic and incorporates starting control. (The choke lever is a thing of the past!) The Sagem injectors reduce emissions (which are well under the legal limit) and incorporate a patented Sagem injected fuel flow control system.
  3. Differential injection mapping for both cylinders ensuring optimum fuel burn in each.
  4. The fuel injection control unit recognises throttle opening and closing movements and the Dynamic Ignition Advance Control (DIAC) System varies injection and ignition parameters to keep power delivery as smooth as possible.
  5. High power generator to cater for the powerful front light cluster and any accessories that might be fitted.

    The Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000's engine delivers 83 kW (113 HP ) at the crank at 9,250 r.p.m. (ECE corrected) and a maximum torque of 9.78 kgm (96 Nm) at 7,250 r.p.m.. This is the most powerful twin cylinder sport tourer on the market today.

    In keeping with Aprilia tradition, the Futura's frame and chassis represent the epitome of Aprilia know how and embody the maximum expression of Aprilia philosophy. The FUTURA RS TOURING 1000's frame is derived from the acclaimed frame of the RSV supersport, but incorporates unique and exclusive design modifications to give easier manoeuvrability at low speed as well as impressive high speed stability, to suit the needs of a motorcycle designed for two-up touring with luggage.

    In particular, the Futura's frame differs from that of the RSV Mille in the following significant details:

  1. A 4 mm longer steering head
  2. Steering base 5 mm further forward
  3. Special engine mountings.

    The result is perfect weight distribution for road touring, with the same legendary rigidity and handling that typify the original RSV frame.

    On top of this, the RS Touring features an exclusive, eye-catching single member swing-arm in chilled cast aluminium alloy for light weight and maximum rigidity. Rigidity is ensured by the excellent mechanical characteristics of the aluminium alloy and by the exclusive design of the top beam that only the Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 can boast in this category of motorcycle.

    The decision to use a single member swing-arm was taken in order satisfy two essential requirements for a top quality touring motorcycle:

  1. The need for an exhaust system that does not stick out and that has a narrow pipe path to enable panniers to be fitted in an ideal, close-in position;

  1. Quick and easy rear wheel removal, with a single central securing nut. This nut is made from top quality ergal and not only adds to the good looks of the bike but (thanks to ergal's extremely light weight) also helps reduce rotating mass.

    The exclusive exhaust system is another eye-catching feature of the Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000, both for its under-seat position and for the original design of the single, centrally mounted final silencer. The exhaust system is manufactured entirely from stainless steel (to guarantee long working life without loss of efficiency). The two in one in two in one design has a total internal volume of approximately 15 litres.

    The installation of this impressive exhaust system is possible thanks to the reduced dimensions of the dry sump engine. The absence of an oil sump has made it possible to locate one expansion chamber directly under the engine in order to:

  1. achieve a total exhaust system volume of 15 litres, giving high performance with low noise (as should be the case with any good sports tourer);
  2. locate a small size final silencer under the seat;
  3. keep high exhaust temperatures under the engine rather than under the seat, ensuring greater comfort for the rider and passenger.

    The single, centrally located under-seat exhaust pipe also generates the following advantages:

  1. optimum pannier positioning, close in and high up, to avoid interfering with control and to ensure a good angle of lean on bends;
  2. symmetrical weight distribution;
  3. no annoying turbulence at high speed.
  4. The Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000's exhaust is catalysed as standard.

    The suspension system is specially designed for the Futura, and manufactured to ensure an excellent level of riding comfort. The system can be adjusted as required to suit road surface, riding style and loading. The front fork is a 43 mm Showa upside down unit, with adjustable rebound and preload. For the rear suspension Aprilia has fitted a Sachs monoshock with adjustable rebound and preload. This damps a progressive action linkage specially calibrated for comfort even with the bike fully loaded with rider, passenger and luggage. The rear suspension can be adjusted by means of a practical external knob. This enables the setup to be adapted quickly and easily to match any riding parameters from solo sports to full load touring.

    The specially shaped seat and the use of a padding material developed by Aprilia ensures an exceptional level of riding comfort, even after many hours on the road. The positioning of the footrests and handlebars and the height of the seat have been carefully worked out to achieve the best possible ergonomics for reduced fatigue even after many hours of riding. This means that both the rider and the passenger can make even the longest journeys in absolute comfort and without getting tired.

    Stylish and functional, the wheels of the Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 have 5 symmetrical double "U" profile spokes, and are manufactured in sand cast aluminium alloy for a perfect combination of light weight and rigidity. This special design (that actually involves 10 individual spokes) has enabled the rim's central channel to be kept light. By concentrating weight near the hub, this ensures very low rolling inertia.

    The dashboard of the Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 comprises two analog instruments and an easy to read multi-purpose digital display for clock, ambient temperature, coolant temperature, and litres of fuel remaining (with graphic and digital display). This unit also displays a "service" message to notify the rider when a service is due, and also displays injection system malfunction codes (signalled by a warning light). Easy readability is ensured by large instrument size and blue back-lighting (adjustable to 3 levels of intensity). Blue back-lighting prevents eye fatigue and also gives the dashboard of the FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 a prestigious and exclusive look.

    The Aprilia FUTURA RS TOURING 1000 is equipped with components of an exceptionally high level:

  1. Brembo Gold brakes with Freudenberg brake lines (with technical characteristics similar to those of metal braided lines). Front brake with double ? 300 mm stainless steel floating disks, callipers with four differential diameter 34 and 30 mm pistons and sintered pads. Rear brake with ? 255 mm stainless steel disk and floating calliper with two 28 mm pistons.
  2. Removable high strength steel saddle mount frame.
  3. Free form multi-focal light cluster manufactured in special plastic for lightness and optimum weight distribution at a point critical to ridability. The headlight is adjustable vertically and horizontally and uses three H7 55 W halogen bulbs with two high beams at the top and one low beam at the bottom. The depth and width of the beam combined with the intense, uniform light from this highly functional unit ensure exceptional visibility.
  4. Centre stand fitted as standard.

    Just like any self-respecting flagship motorcycle, the Futura comes with full optionals. Panniers are fitted as standard, as are the tank bag and centre stand. Aprilia also has the more demanding Futura rider in mind, though. The Aprilia Body-Guard armoured cable lock will keep your pride and joy safe from theft.

  1. Engine - Longitudinal 60 V twin four stroke, with patented AVDC system (Anti-Vibration Double Countershaft)
  2. Fuel - 95 RON lead-free
  3. Cooling - Liquid cooling with three-way pressurised circuit. Double radiator.
  4. Bore and stroke - 97 x 67.5 mm
  5. Displacement - 997.62 cc
  6. Compression ratio - 11.8:1
  7. Valve timing - Double overhead cam with mixed gear/chain timing drive, four valves per cylinder.
  8. Maximum power at crankshaft - 114 HP (84 kW) at 9,250 r.p.m..
  9. Maximum torque at crankshaft - 94 Nm at 7,000 r.p.m.
  10. Fuel injection Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multi-point electronic injection. 51 mm diameter throttle bodies.
  11. Ignition - Digital electronic ignition with TSI (Twin Spark Ignition) with two spark plugs per cylinder. Ignition timing integrated in the injection control system. DIAC (Dynamic Ignition Advance Control) electronically controlled ignition timing.
  12. Starting - Electric starter
  13. Lubrication - Dry sump with separate oil reservoir. Circuit capacity 4 litres. Double trochoidal pump with oil cooler.
  14. Gearbox - 6 speed. Transmission ratios:
  15. 1st - 35/14 (2.5)
  16. 2nd - 28/16 (1.75)
  17. 3rd - 26/19 (1.368)
  18. 4th - 24/22 (1.091)
  19. 5th - 22/23 (0.957)
  20. 6th - 23/27 (0.852)
  21. Clutch - Multiple disk in oil bath with patented PPC power-assisted hydraulic control
  22. Primary drive - Straight toothed gears. Transmission ratio: 60/31 (1.935)
  23. Final drive - Chain. Transmission ratio: 43/16
  24. Frame - Sloping parallel twin-spar frame in aluminium alloy. Removable high strength steel saddle mount frame.
  25. Front suspension - Showa 43 mm upside-down fork with adjustment for compression, preload and rebound dampening. 120 mm wheel travel.
  26. Rear suspension - Single member aluminium alloy swing-arm. APS (Aprilia Progressive System) linkage. Sachs hydraulic monoshock with adjustment for compression, preload and rebound dampening.
  27. Wheel travel - 120 mm.
  28. Front brake - Brembo double floating disk in stainless steel, 300 mm. Callipers with four differential 34 and 30 mm pistons. Sintered brake pads. Freudenberg brake lines.
  29. Rear brake - Stainless steel disk, 255 mm. Floating calliper with two 28 mm pistons. Freudenberg brake lines.
  30. Wheels - Sand cast aluminium alloy
  31. Front - 3.50 X 17"
  32. Rear - 5.50 X 17"
  33. Tyres - Radial tubeless;
  34. Front - 120 / 70 ZR 17
  35. Rear - 180 / 55 ZR 17
  36. Maximum length - 2,170 mm
  37. Maximum width - 740 mm (at handlebars)
  38. Maximum height - 1240 mm (at windshield)
  39. Seat height - 820 mm
  40. Handlebar height - 940mm (at bar ends)
  41. Wheelbase - 1,435 mm
  42. Trail - 98 mm
  43. Steering angle - 25.6
  44. Electrical system - 12V
  45. Battery/Alternator - 12 V 12Ah /470W
  46. Tank Capacity - 21 litres, 5 litre reserve
  47. Colours - Darkness Black, Hilton Blue
  48. Accessories - Panniers (and mounting racks) standard. Optional: tank bag, Aprilia Body Guard armoured cable lock.