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2004 Aprilia Pegaso 650

Aprilia Pegaso 650

The PEGASO's overall styling remains unchanged. Here is one style that is destined to last and maintain the winning characteristics of this exceptional motorcycle. The design is aerodynamic and modern; styling is essential and streamlined; and the level of rider comfort and aerodynamic protection sets the standard for this type of motorcycle. Nor is the PEGASO's design just skin deep. It is the result of extensive ergonomic research, ensures perfect integration between rider and machine, and allows touring accessories like panniers, tank bags and top boxes to be fitted without spoiling the bike's aerodynamic efficiency and stylish lines.

Seat height has been kept as low as possible to make the PEGASO 650 i.e. easy to ride even for shorter riders who can still achieve solid foot contact with the ground.

Two colour variants, Flamingo Red and Pearly Grey.

The engine is a single cylinder unit with 5 radial valves and liquid cooling. Its advanced Sagem electronic fuel injection system is specially designed for maximum flexibility and riding enjoyment.

The PEGASO's electronic injection system uses two injectors (one for each inlet) and a crankshaft position sensor with a resolution of only 10 degrees of crank rotation. This system gives far better control over the engine and delivers a far more fluid response especially at low revs. The new injectors also help reduce emissions (which are well under the legal limit) and incorporate a patented Sagem injected fuel flow control system. The multi-point electronic injection system uses a sophisticated set of sensors (crankshaft, engine, air intake temperature, air intake filter box pressure, coolant temperature, and throttle position) to ensure perfect control over the injection of the air-fuel mix and maximum smoothness and consistency in power delivery.

The fuel injection control unit recognises throttle opening and closing movements and the Dynamic Ignition Advance Control (DIAC) System varies injection and ignition parameters to keep power delivery as smooth as possible.

Other important features of this sophisticated engine are:

  1. a high inertia generator that helps smooth out torque and make the engine even more fluid and elastic.
  2. a fall sensor, which interrupts the flow of fuel and turns off the engine in the event of a fall or accident.
  3. The air box is equipped with air pressure and temperature sensors and the throttle bodies control a double intake manifold of 34 mm in diameter. These technical solutions improve fluidity, torque and power at low revs, as well as increasing maximum torque.

    The two in one in two exhaust system has also been improved to reduce noise without penalising performance. The exhaust is fitted as standard with a catalytic converter and emissions lie well within Euro 1 limits.

    The PEGASO 650 i.e. uses a 45 mm Marzocchi hydraulic action telescopic fork for the best possible combination of easy riding, braking control and smoothness over rough surfaces.

    The Sachs rear monoshock is adjustable in rebound and pre-load, and is calibrated for maximum comfort and all-round functionality.

    The Brembo front brake features a 300 mm stainless steel disk and floating calliper with twin 32 mm pistons. Freudenberg brake lines ensure the same high standards of indeformability under pressure as metal braided lines.

    The Brembo rear brake features a 220 mm stainless steel disk and calliper with 34 mm piston. The complete braking system is optimised for maximum efficiency, stopping power, instant action and responsive feel.

    All the components on the Aprilia PEGASO 650 i.e., as on all Aprilia machines, are of the very highest order and top quality. In particular, the 2003 PEGASO is fitted with:

  4. specially designed rubber engine mountings to eliminate jerks at low revs
  5. elegant, rational, and fully functional electrical controls on the handlebars
  6. multi-focal headlight with 55 W bulb for perfect visibility under even the most critical conditions
  7. comprehensive, easy to read instrument cluster.
  8. In terms of product quality the Aprilia PEGASO 650 i.e. has raised even further the extremely high standards that have already established Aprilia as market leader. And quality means not only product quality but above all else quality of design, as ISO 9001 certification of all phases of the production cycle clearly demonstrates.

    The PEGASO 650 i.e. is a single cylinder motorcycle with a passion for travel. To enhance its touring talents, Aprilia is offering a range of dedicated accessories, manufactured with the same high technology that goes into all Aprilia products. The PEGASO accessories range includes:

  9. Tank bag
  10. X-Box 50 litre top box complete with mounting rack
  11. Panniers complete with mounting rack
  12. Centre stand
  13. Aprilia Body-Guard armoured cable lock
  14. Engine type - Single-cylinder four-stroke, with anti-vibration countershaft, light alloy cylinder, barrel with Gilnisil coating, catalysed exhaust.
  15. Fuel - 95 RON lead-free
  16. Cooling - Liquid cooling with separate radiator and expansion tank and three-way thermostatic valve with electric fan.
  17. Bore and stroke - 100 x 83 mm
  18. Displacement - 651.8 cc
  19. Compression ratio - 9.1 : 1
  20. Valve timing - Double overhead cam with chain timing drive, five radial valves (3 inlet and 2 exhaust)
  21. Max. power at crankshaft - 47 HP (35 kW) at 6500 r.p.m.
  22. Max. torque at crankshaft - 5.90 kgm ( 58 Nm) at 4500 r.p.m.
  23. Fuel injection - Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multi-point electronic injection. 34 mm throttle bodies.
  24. Ignition - Electronic, controlled by injection control unit. Dynamic Ignition Advance Control (DIAC) system for electronic control of variable ignition timing
  25. Starter - Electric starter
  26. Lubrication - Dry sump with two trochoidal pumps
  27. Gearbox - 5 speed, transmission ratios:
  28. 1st - 12/33
  29. 2nd - 16/28
  30. 3rd - 16/21
  31. 4th - 22/23
  32. 5th - 24/21
  33. Clutch - Multiple disk in oil bath
  34. Primary drive - Straight toothed gears, ratio: 37/72.
  35. Final drive - Chain; transmission ratio: 16/47
  36. Frame - Sloping aluminium twin-spar frame, with steel box section oil tank at the front
  37. Front suspension - Marzocchi ? 45 mm telescopic fork, wheel travel 170 mm.
  38. Rear suspension - Variable section high strength steel swing-arm; Aprilia Progressive System (APS) linkage. Sachs hydraulic monoshock with adjustable rebound and preload.
  39. Wheel travel - 165 mm.
  40. Brakes - Front: Brembo stainless steel disk, 300 mm. Floating calliper with two 32 mm pistons
  41. Rear - stainless steel disk, ? 240 mm.
  42. Wheels - Spoked wheels with aluminium rims
  43. Front - 2.15 X 19"
  44. Rear - 3.00 X 17"
  45. Tyres - Front: 100/90-19
  46. Rear - 130/80-17 alternative 140/70-17
  47. Battery/Electrical system - 12V - 14 AH/280 W
  48. Dimensions - Maximum length: 2,180 mm
  49. Maximum width - 880 mm (at handlebars)
  50. Maximum height - 1,260 mm (at windshield)
  51. Seat height - 817 mm
  52. Wheelbase - 1,480 mm
  53. Trail - 111 mm
  54. Steering angle - 28.4
  55. Tank Capacity - 21 litres, 4.5 litre reserve
  56. Colours - Flamingo Red, Pearly Grey
  57. Accessories - Tank bag, X-BOX 50 litre top box complete with mounting rack, side panniers complete with mounting rack, centre stand, Aprilia Body-Guard armoured cable lock 25 kW version. The Pegaso 650 i.e. is also available in a 25 kW restricted version.