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Aprilia RSV 1000Aprilia RSV 1000Aprilia RSV 1000Aprilia RSV 1000
2004 Aprilia RSV 1000 R

No change to the V60 Magnesium already fitted to the RSV 1000 R, with the same innovative features and high level performance. It pumps out 138.72 hp (102 kW) at 9,500 rpm with a maximum torque of 107 Nm at 7,500 rpm. The double-silencer exhaust has a three-way catalytic converter with Lambda sensor which brings the RSV 1000 R Factory within the Euro 2 limits.The Factory has the same extremely light frame as the RSV 1000 R, apart from its black colour which gives it a slightly more aggressive look. The double banana swing arm is also the same, not polished but painted to resist surface wear better. The 43 mm upside-down Íhlins Racing fork is titanium nitride coated to optimize smoothness. Its special structure with elongated sleeves and shortened legs reduces the load on two critical points of the forks themselves (the sliding bush and stanchion-leg coupling).

The wheel travel is 120 mm. Like the racing models, the fork rebound, compression and preload may be precision adjusted.The forged aluminium brake calliper mounting bracket allows the new radial callipers to be fitted, perfectly in line with the latest GP and world SBK trends.The rear Íhlins Racing shock absorber originates directly from experience on the track. It is fitted with a separate piggy back nitrogen cylinder built into the body. It has adjustable rebound, compression, preload and length in order to lift and lower the rear axle and adjust the suspension to different riding styles and different race tracks. Among the optional components is a continuous tyre pressure measuring system, to keep the alignment under complete control according to the settings and suspension. The best sportbike deserves the best braking system, and the RSV 1000 R Factory is once more on the leading edge of technology, with a radial clamp front braking system developed by Aprilia together with Brembo. Aprilia is certainly not new to this kind of technology. It was in fact the first to use this sophisticated braking system, fitted to a 250 GP.

The benefits for the rider are:

  • More effective braking
  • More precise response to the driver's actions. Any free lever movement due to calliper "elasticity" is almost completely eliminated since radial mounting prevents any movement of the calliper itself.
  • Longer pad life. With radial mounting, the pads work more in line with the disc, precisely because the calliper is kept more strictly aligned with its theoretical working position even when under extreme stress. This lengthens pad life basically because better alignment leads to more even surface wear.
  • Better system stability and consequently less difference between hot and cold performance.
  • The 320 mm front floating steel discs use lowered mounts to minimize weight and inertia, leading to more effective handling. The radial system on the RSV 1000 R Factory is combined with a radial pump to form the most sophisticated braking system currently fitted to a production bikeThe rear braking system is a Brembo Gold Series with 220 mm diameter stainless steel disc and a two-piston (32 mm diameter) calliper.Both the front and rear systems use braided metal lines taken from the aeronautics industry, which eliminate the irritating pressure smoothing effect of conventional lines and ensure maximum braking precision. What particularly characterizes and distinguishes the Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory is the care taken in construction and attention paid to every single component and part. This attention leads to an increase in performance, feel and rideability, through a decrease in weight and considerable improvement in product quality and finish.An exclusive two-chamber steering damper from the specialist Íhlins Racing line is fitted as standard. It may of course be adjusted to adapt the bike's response to various riding conditions.

    The extensive use of carbon components make the motorbike even lighter and more refined. The mudguards and several parts of the fairing are made of extremely light "woven carbon composite". Furthermore the RSV 1000 R Factory headstock shaft is made of aluminium and not steel, which also contributes to reducing the overall weight of the bike. The exclusively designed forged wheels deserve a particular mention, since they are definitely one of the most distinctive parts of the bike, not just aesthetically, but also technically. They are forged from Anticorodal 6061 aluminium using an 8,000 ton hydraulic press. This technique produces wheels without defects or the porosity which may always result from the casting process, and gives them exceptional mechanical characteristics.

    Finite-element analysis was used to find the best design, which came out to be a front wheel with six spokes and back wheel with five which split in two towards the rim. This was not just an aesthetic choice; this structure provides excellent lateral and torsional rigidity (thus keeping the suspension stable). As with the whole RSV 1000 R project, performance becomes beauty in this case too. The weight saving is exceptional: about 25% less for each wheel compared with the lightest wheels on the market made using the traditional aluminium casting technique. Inertia too is consequently 25 % lower than for cast aluminium alloy wheels. The maniacal care taken over the RSV 1000 R Factory project has not overlooked even the most insignificant details. The wheels are anodized and not painted. This leads to a further weight saving on this essential component and ensures they keep their characteristic colour for the whole life of the bike. Furthermore the technical wheel data is not embossed, but carved into the wheel itself, consequently removing more material and further weight. Aprilia has also homologated a 5.5 inch rear wheel (6 inches are standard). The smaller section central rim channel gives additional support on bends, better handling, and better bike response, especially on the track.All these "attentions" have reduced the weight of the RSV 1000 R Factory to a minimum. Only 185 kg dry weight.Exclusive components fitted to the RSV 1000 R Factory:

  • Front "Íhlins Racing" suspension with special settings, coated with titanium nitride for increased smoothness
  • Front brakes with radial callipers
  • One-piece forged aluminium brake calliper mounting for greater rigidity and braking stability
  • "Íhlins Racing" rear suspension with special settings optimized for single-seat use. Its length may be adjusted (as well as preload, compression and rebound)
  • Two-chamber "Íhlins Racing" steering damper
  • Front carbon fibre mudguard
  • Rear carbon fibre mudguard
  • Carbon fibre fairing extractors
  • Carbon fibre windscreen deflectors
  • Carbon fibre upper fairing cover
  • Carbon fibre side fairing
  • Forged aluminium front wheel
  • Forged aluminium rear wheel
  • Like the R, the R factory is also available in three colour combinations: Lead Grey/Magnet Grey, Aprilia Black/Diablo Black and Fluo Red/Lead Grey; all three come with a black frame
  • Akrapovic Exhausts - Aprilia Racing
  • Titanium Exhausts - Aprilia Racing
  • Reversed gearbox
  • Tyre pressure indicator
  • Kickstand
  • Tank bag
  • Engine type - V60 Magnesium: four-stroke longitudinal 60░ V-twin; liquid cooling with three-way pressurized circuit; double overhead camshaft operated by a mixed gear/chain system; four valves per cylinder; patent AVDC (Anti Vibration Double Countershaft
  • Fuel - 95 RON unleaded petrol
  • Bore and stroke - 97 x 67.5 mm
  • Displacement - 997.62 cc
  • Compression ratio - 11.8 : 1
  • Maximum power at crank - 138.72 hp (102 kW) at 9500 rpm
  • Maximum torque at crank - 10.9 kgm (107 Nm) at 7,500 rpm
  • Fuel system - Integrated electronic engine management system. Indirect multipoint electronic injection. Throttle body diameter: 57 mm. 10,3 litre airbox, with Air Runner air scoop.
  • Ignition - Digital electronic ignition, with one spark plug per cylinder and integrated injection
  • Starter - Electric
  • Exhaust - Double silencer with three-way catalytic converter and lambda sensor (Euro 2)
  • Alternator - 12V - 500 W
  • Lubrication - Dry sump with separate oil tank.
  • Double trochoidal pump with oil cooling radiator.
  • Steel oil tank
  • Gearbox - six speed with ratios:
  • 1st - 34/15 (2.27)
  • 2nd - 31/19 (1.63)
  • 3rd - 26/20 (1.3)
  • 4th - 24/22 (1.091)
  • 5th - 24/25 (0.96)
  • 6th - 23/26 (0.88)
  • Clutch - Multiple disc wet clutch with patented PPC power-assisted hydraulic control,braided metal clutch line, radial pump with 15 mm piston.
  • Primary drive - Straight cut gears with ratio: 60/31 (1.935)
  • Final drive - Chain
  • Ratio - 40/16 (2.5)
  • Frame - Box section sloping twin-spar aluminium alloy frame Two-chamber adjustable Íhlins Racing steering damper with one-piece mounting.
  • Front suspension - Íhlins titanium nitride coated 43 mm diameter upside-down fork; 120 mm wheel travel. External hydraulic adjustment system for rebound, compression and preload. Lowered legs for radial calliper mounting.
  • Rear suspension - Double banana aluminium alloy swing arm and APS progressive system linkage. Íhlins Racing hydraulic shock absorber with piggy-back cylinder and adjustable rebound, compression and preload. 133 mm wheel travel.
  • Brakes - Front: Brembo double 320 mm floating stainless steel disc. Radial calliper with four 34 mm diameter pistons and 4 sintered pads. Braided metal brake line.
  • Rear: Brembo 220 mm diameter stainless steel disc. Two-piston (32 mm diameter) calliper and sintered pads. Braided metal brake line.
  • Wheels - Forged aluminium alloy
  • Front - 3.50 X 17" Rear: 6.00 X 17"
  • Tyres - Tubeless radial;
  • front - 120/70 ZR 17
  • rear - 180/55 ZR 17 (alternative: 190/50 ZR 17)
  • Size - Overall length: 2035 mm
  • Overall width - 730 mm (at handlebars)
  • Overall height - 1145 mm (at windscreen)
  • Saddle height - 810 mm
  • Handlebar height - 830 mm (at bar ends)
  • Wheelbase - 1418 mm
  • Trail - 101.7 mm
  • Steering angle - 24.80░
  • Dry weight - 185 Kg
  • Tank - 18 litre capacity (including 4 litre reserve)
  • Colours available - Lead Grey/Magnet Grey, Aprilia Black/Diablo Black and Fluo Red/Lead Grey